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I'm so excited today!! Appa finally decided to take me to work. Appa is the head of BIG HIT entertainment. And it was my dream to become an idol. I've been asking him all these years to give me an audition.

Seeing how interested and influenced I was in such things, he was all ready to give me one, and show me how work is done in the company and the hard efforts I should give to keep up.

I was particularly a k-pop fan. And I was so excited to meet the other idols in BIG HITent.

I was to be in a 6-member girl group, formed recently in the entertainment. I was also to meet the other girls today.

I just got ready. I decided to wear this

I was just going to my Appa's room to tell him I'm all ready when I overheard Eomma and Appa's conversation-"He's always calling after (Y/N)

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I was just going to my Appa's room to tell him I'm all ready when I overheard Eomma and Appa's conversation-
"He's always calling after (Y/N). I think we should let him meet her" "I don't know if that's a good idea, she'll start getting confused and angry if she finds out the truth" "I agree, but he's been asking to see her since the day she came here" "I understan, I'm also sorry for him, but I just can't allow that. What if she decides to leave us?" " I know (Y/N), she's not like that. Just give him a chance to meet her" "I'll think about it"

I was about to knock on the door but Appa opened the door before I could. He said " (Y/N) are you ready? Let's get going!"

I decided to keep my mouth shut. I had no idea who that person was. And why he was asking for me? What were my parent hiding? Once again my mind filled with questions.

I headed downstairs, thinking what could that conversation mean?
With my head in the cloud, I didnt even realize that someone was in the entrance door, with his back facing me. I raised my head - his hair was tidily arranged, he had very broad shoulders and his figure was like a Greek God's. He was taller than me and he seemed so familiar. I so badly wanted to see his face.

I took a step forward, he turned his head. And he seemed startled to see me.
It was.....


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