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Superman - One Direction One Shot

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   “Elise, you can’t do this to me!” Liam yells at his girlfriend, Elise, while the tears were streaming down his cheeks, “I need you! We all need you!” After no improvement, he slumps in his seat, defeated.

One hour earlier:

   ”That was the best film I’ve ever seen!” Elise says, laughing while her and Liam left the cinema, hand in hand, “My favorite line was when Connor said, ‘Babe, I’ll be your Superman,’” She repeats in a dramatic, manly tone.

     Liam quickly turns to face Elise, their faces suddenly only inches apart. “Babe, I’ll be your Superman,” he pecks her nose with a light kiss and takes off down the street, “I’m Superman!” He screams at the top of his lungs, receiving odd looks, “I’m Elise’s Superman!” Elise finally catches up to Liam, out of breath, not only from running down the street after Liam, but laughing as well.

     ”You are such a dork.” Elise says giving Liam a kiss on the cheek.

     ”I know,” Liam smiles cheekily, taking her hand, “The car’s over this way.” He leads her over to his red Mini Cooper. He opens the door for her and she hops in, and Liam skips over to the other side and slides into the driver’s seat.

     He pulls into traffic and accelerates to the speed limit of 50. Liam comes up to a yellow light and slows to a stop. “We should watch Harry Potter when we get home!” 

     ”You know those movies freak me out.” Elise pouts and laughs nervously.

     ”C’mon babe, I’ll be with you, I’ll protect you from ‘he-who-must-not-be-named’” He takes her hand and winks. The light turns green and Liam pulls into traffic.

     Liam quickly looks over at Elise after he sees a flash of lights racing towards them at an unstoppable speed. “Elise!” Liam screams, putting his hand over Elise to protect her, as time seems to stand still and suddenly, everything goes black.

In the hospital: 

    “Where am I?!” Liam shouts questioningly at the nurse standing over him, “Where’s Elise?”

     ”You’re in the hospital, Liam. You and Elise were in a serious car accident and she’s in her room right now. I’ll put you in a wheel chair and you can go see her, but I must warn you, she’s not doing well.” She has a serious look to her face with a touch of sympathy

     Liam shoots out of the bed, although a shooting pain travels up his right leg, and he cautiously gets into the wheel chair the nurse got for him. Liam gives the nurse worried looks as she wheels him into Elise’s room as fast as she can. “Can’t you go faster?!” Liam screams while he struggling to keep the tears from coming.

     ”Her room is right over here,” She says as they enter the ICU unit.

     A look of panic suddenly washes over Liam’s face. When they enter Elise’s room, Liam loses it. He breaks into tears seeing her motionless body lying on the bed. “Elise! Say something!” He cries as he rushes to her side.

     ”Liam, she won’t answer you. She has been in a coma for nearly a day.” The nurse says, sympathetically. “I’ll give you your time together.” She leaves the room, shutting the door gently behind her.

    “Elise, I’m so sorry, this is all my fault. I should’ve seen it coming.” Liam was always quick to blame himself in these situations. “It’s all my fault.” He sobs into the sheets.

     Beep. Beep. Beep.

The steady beeps of the machine are showing no signs of improvement. All of a sudden, the beeps start increasing in speed and Liam’s head shoots up with panic. “What’s happening?! Elise! Elise! Wake up!” He’s shaking her shoulders, knowing nothing can improve her condition. “Elise, wake up!” He’s on his feet now, standing over her body, the tears falling freely now.

     Suddenly, a doctor followed by two nurses come rushing into the room, “Liam, you’re going to have to get out of our way. Sorry son.” The doctor says as Liam rushes, as quickly as he can in his wheel chair, to the other side of the bed that the doctor’s not standing on. 

     ”Elise, babe, c’mon wake up! I need you! You’re my everything!” He sobs into her hand and whispers, “I’ll be your Superman,” just as a slow steady beep interrupts the already dead silence. 

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