Matt Damon.

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Matt has his finals in University

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Matt has his finals in University.  He'd been focussed on it for the longest time, and you wanted to spend some time with him, but the studying was taking that away.  You decided you were going to help him out with his studies, even though you had no clue what any of it meant. 

"Okay, so, this 'Z' looking like thing, belongs right here."  You smiled, pointing to the mirror he was drawing on. 

"Y/N, nice try.  But, the 'Z' thing you're referring to, belongs on the opposite side of the board."  He laughed.  You continued to have a big smile plastered across your face. 

"Oh, well, do you want a cup of tea?"  Matt spat in laughter on the mirror. 

"No, Y/N. I do not want a cup of tea."  He chuckled.

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