Blood [Karma Akabane]

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Some random AU to spice up things. My parents don't know I write fanfic lol


Yandere! Karma x Reader

Warning: Gore, Violence. Mentions suicide and self harm etc.





Words to describe your current emotion.




Words to describe your current atmosphere.

Looking around your surroundings, you looked for a place to hide. Tall trees surrounded you, blocking off the sunlight creating an eerily look. It was a little bit past noon and you were lost. Not to mention with a murderer.

"(y/n), I can sense you're around here." Karma mocked as he walked through the bushes creating a rustling noise, "You don't want to hide from me."

Standing behind a tree as you peaked to see where Karma was. Karma was insane, far from being a human. Holding a knife which had blood on it, trudging slowly as he tried to find you, "I'll find you don't worry. I'll treat you better than other men."

You shivered. When did Karma become all possessive? What happened to the mysterious, mischievous boy?

It all begun a few hours ago.


"I-Is it really true?" you gasped at the scene.

There your brother was strangled on the ground in a pool of blood. His next was twisted, and strangled . His ankle bent in a weird direction. With his hand broken.

"(y/n) I'll protect you forever."

His words sent shivers to your spin.

"W-Why d-did y-you do this?" you cried, your eyes were filled with fear.

"It's because I love you!" The male have his infamous smirk.

"I hate you Karma!" you spat, words laced with venom.

"I'll make you mine no matter what!"

You looked back at your brother's corpse and to the picture frame. A Happy photo of your family smiling together.

That was back then ㅡwhen everything was perfectㅡ at least it seemed to be

Your mother was strict.

Your father was abusive.

Your brother was possessive.

It was true your life was never the way you wanted. You wished to be 'normal', for once. When Karma entered your life you were greatful.

However, things turned out differently than you expected.

Your father was abusive and was always hitting you and your brother. Your mother would scream and leave. Eventually your father was imprisoned.

Your brother protected you, but he soon changed. He was controlling who you met and the friends you made.

He killed your mother.

You remembered the last words he said, "(y/n) I'll protect to forever."

You ran to Karma's house crying. He was angry at the situation. He pushed past you and went to your house, killing your brother.

You found out Karma had also killed your father.

This scared you a lot. You had no where to run and your family was gone. Killed by each other and Karma was behind it.

"Found you (y/n)!" the male chuckled. Bring the knife to your neck, "Be a good girl and listen to me."


It was no use. Your friends were also killed by Karma in the process. Nagisa, his blue eyes were now still and frozen like ice somewhere on the mountain laying down.

"Y-You monster!" you screamed.

Turning around, you kicked the red head in the stomach, he took a few steps back tumbling.

You snatched the knife out of his hand, trembling. Some of the assassination classes paid off.

"I-I'm sorry Karma."

"You don't want to kill me (y/n)!"


Filled with fear and anger you lunged forward and stabbed the knife in the male's chest.

"I-I'm sorry Karma." you replied, regretting your actions.

"It's okay (y/n), I only wanted to protect you. I guess I couldn't..."


Now when I type Nagisa it auto correct to NAGISA and Karma to KARMA for some reason.
I can't rlly write YANDERE fic

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