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I got tagged by Leah_tateyama. I was very surprise because who would want to tag me qwq.

I guess this is some Q & A:

Kinda cropped it cause it was tiny

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Kinda cropped it cause it was tiny.

1. Hair colour


2. Eye colour
Dark Brown

Dragon keeper
(Omg the feels in the book, I cried)

4. Favourite Colour
(It's a shade ik-// slapped)

5. Last Song heard
Fallin' by ZHIEND

6. OTP
Suga x Ryou
(Only some will get this)

7. Favourite Animal

8. Favourite smell
Something pleasant

9. Favourite Song
Anything by ZHIEND
(It's a very good band and I recommend the two songs: Trigger and Fallin')

10. Job/ what you want to be when you grow up
Leaning towards the design and art side.

11. Favourite Game
Maple story

12. What you would do with a million dollars
By myself anime merch

13. Crush
Suga Kenta-// kicked

14. Anime/TV crush
Haikyuu boys-// kicked

15. Favourite Food
Anything edible

16. What you got for valentines this year
Disappointed test results ;)

17. Whoever you think could win a battle easily

18. Best friend
*awkwardly walks away*

19. Are you a ZE bus driver?

20. Tag 5 people

Lol anybody who reads this is tagged tag me, if you're doing it. I'm a very lonely person on wattpad lol. I don't rlly have friends on wp lmao.

- Kuuro

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