chapter 4

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chapter 4 : a lilly in the water

ireland: 2 days 19 hours 43 minutes 'till proposal

"Where are we?"

"I knew this was going to happen! I should've waited but no! You just had to be there and ask me where I'm going. Being the kindest person in the universe I helped you and now I'm a day away from losing my restaurant!"

"How come you're so calm? If I were you, I'd panic right now."


"We have to walk to Dublin! Today is considered a bad luck to catch the train. Though I never knew why, so now thanks to you we're going to walk until our legs give out."

"Hold up, how is this my fault?"

"You distracted me! Also, with all your questions you made me so tired Tony didn't have me to tell him where dock!"

"Children! Fear not, I have a car!"



"I found this beautiful car by the docks back in Wales. It was there for a week, figured the owner didn't want it anymore so I took it."

"I think I now understand why the owner left it, Phsycowitz."

"I know too, little boy. But I did a test drive on her and she's actually doing well."

"It's a she now?"

"Yep, I still can't think of a name for her though."

"It's an object, it's not necessary to name intimate objects."

"Well, obviously being the richest man in the world got into your head, little boy."

"Why you—"

"Ladies! Will you both stop fighting. I get it, both of you are pretty. Now can we please get in the car?"

"How do you know it really works?"

"Tony, I love you, but did you forget to take your memory enhancer pills?"

"Funny, I can't seem to recall doing that."

"Well, it does work. But not enough to reach Dublin."

"Then we'll just have a quick pit stop."


"My humble abode of course."


"Will this thing get any faster, I have about 2 days left until my proposal."

"Really? Well then all I can say is good luck, little boy. On your proposal and reaching Dublin in time. It might take us a hundred years until we reach there. Now shut your pretty trap."

"I agree with Tony, your whining is annoying. You're not the only one itching to go home. I also sorta have to go to Dublin too."

"I have a company to run Miss Linton, I cannot be late."

"Well, I'm about to lose something important to me too. Has it ever occurred to you that  some people lose important crap that's important to them. No matter how small it is? Yeah sure, I don't run a company that's basically dominating Earth, but that restaurant is where I left my heart. Now Antonio Dalgleish Physchowitz drive fast because I'm seconds away from throwing myself out of this car."

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