When they catch you reading yaoi manga

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Yaoi: A type of genre from Japanese; boy x boy. Commonly referred as 'Gay' and 'BL (Boy Love)'. meaning no plot, no climax etc. Mostly directed to female fan girl audiences.

 Mostly directed to female fan girl audiences

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Many people thought you were innocent. The typical 'shy' and 'quiet' person. Whenever somebody made a sexual joke, you wouldn't laugh. You would be emotionless and quiet, hence people thinking you were innocent. What was more weird was the sadist redhead was your boyfriend. Many people thought this was an interesting combination.

You sit on the couch reading your manga featuring boy x boy. You flipped to the next page as it showed two boys in a heated make out session. You squeal in excitement as your otp (one true pair) has gotten together). Unaware of the surroundings around you continue to read and fan girl.

"(Y/N)! I'm here, I've gotten you a treat!" Karma your boyfriend grins happily. You scream as he slowly approaches the living room. Quickly trying to find objects to hide your manga. He enters the room with a cheerful smile. Afraid and worried to what he is going to say, you hesitate and throw the book over him and the manga slides into another room with a loud crashing thud.

"What the actual fck (Y/N)!" Karma curses. "It's just one damn book! Chill its not like you're reading weird stuff." You trying to act normal as if it was a normal book you were reading. You hoped he wouldn't check out the book you were reading. What if he wanted to break up with you finding out you liked reading boy love.

As if Karma was reading your thoughts, he headed towards the room you threw your manga. You crossed your fingers behind your back praying he wouldn't find it. Coming out of the room, Karma holds the book in his hands, smirking. 'Hahahahah (Y/N)! You are so funny reading this stuff." You are embarrassed, what does sadist thing about that?

"You are such a dirty minded child! Oh well... I was hoping to ruin your inncence one day." Karama smirks again as he saw your face turn red. Oh how he loved to tease you a lot. "I can explain..." you trail off feeling a little bit guilty. "Exactly, explain why its about me making out with Nagisa!" "Uhmmm..... because you guys look cute together?" you whisper, Karma heard. Walking towards you slowly Karma whispers into your ear, "(Y/N) I'm striaght, isn't that why I'm dating you and I love you only..."

Annoying him you add on to his sentence "...and Nagisa!" you giggle softly. Boi you were going to be in so much trouble.

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