Chapter 3

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Laughing Jack pov.

I knocked out the girl that Jason asked me to. ' Well that was easy... Hehe heh' ( Werido).I turned to Jason and than realise why he was on the floor holding his crouch " Hahahahhah, Jason got kicked by a girl ~ Jason got hit by a girl ~ Hahahahhah".

"Don't. You. Dare. Tell. Anyone."  he growled. " How can I not? Hahaha, you got kicked in the balls by a what? (Y/a) year-old girl?hahaha".

He mumbled something I couldn't hear since I was laughing non-stop. By the time he got up, I was still laughing and on the floor, holding my stomach."Will you stop laughing clown? ." I eventually calmed down and asked him " S-so*haha
Why do you need to knock her out? Ain't you capable of doing it on your own? Oh, wait you can't since you got * cough KICKED IN THE BALLS BY A (Y/A) GIRL!HAHAHA".

At this point I saw Jason hair turning white... Shit. "woah woah there friend. It was only a joke heheh, so just calm down alright?" I maybe a clown that probably can't stop laughing but I know when to shut up, and this is the time to shut up. When Jason's hair turns white hehe you don't what to piss him off when his hair is turning white.

"Anywho,slender wants me back soon. So you better get your things done. "." About that,youre gonna help me carry her back to the mansion but before we go I have some things to take from her room. "

'What does he need to tak- oh . oh my'
" Oh my zalgo Jason, I never knew you were a pervert like Ben ". His face turned completely red." Oh well, I'll carry this girl while you got collect the girls 'things' ".

I carried the girl on my back and before leaving I said to the still now flustered Jason." I'll met you at the forest when you're done collect the so-called things~ "
"I am not a pervert Jack!".

Jason's pov.

'Damn that clown, what is he thinking? *sigh,I'll deal with that later. ' I collected the things needed for the girl including her clothing (pervert) and her weapons. I stopped at the doll and took a minute to examine it. Yep, it's the exact model I made for one of my victim's that I stupidly let go alive because of my feelings. 'She looks so much like her though ' I shook the thought away. ' That's not possible, slender killed her.'

I decided to take the doll and put it with the rest of the stuff. Oh yeah, where's Mr Bunny? I sreached the room and found that he was no where in the room. I went to the parents room... Damm they sleep like pigs. There was no point in killing them so I just left.

Time skip ~

I met Jack in the forest to see the girl already awake and playing cards with Jack. "You got any threes?" Jack asked. "Goldfish".

"What the hell are you guys doing? And Jack I thought she was unconscious?" I shouted. The girl flinched while Jack just gave me a smile. " You see here Jason, the girl woke up while I was walking here so instead of just knocking her out again, I thought. Why not play with her something and here we are! Oh did you get her 'things'? Oh,did you find something' interesting '?" Jack wiggled his eyebrows.

If I had my weapon with me right now, I swear to Zalgo that Jack would be seeing him later.

(y/n) pov.

"You got my things? YOU PERVERT!" I literally screamed my lungs out, laughing Jack was laughing on the ground, trying to contain the tears from coming out. I tackled the man wearing the Victorian suit "YOU PERVERT!". I almost punched him in the face if laughing Jack didn't pull us apart and... FUCKIN KNOCKED ME OUT AGAIN.

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