Author's Note

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Ayo guys!

Actually, I came here again after months or I guess almost a year with no wattpad cause of other stuffs to take care of or I was just too lazy to even check my account. Now that I'm back, I read all of your comments saying and asking for more updates and all those positive comments you gave and it really encouraged me to somehow continue the story but as of the moment I'm contemplating whether or not I'm continuing this story or not because honestly, I'm really losing interest in updating this story. I know I'm an imperfect author but I just can't find the spark of continuing this and I'm sorry to all those readers who badly want more updates.

For me to continue this or not, please comment down for your opinions. Whatever choices you make, I would gladly accept it. Whether I should continue this or not.

I'm so sorry guys.. T.T

Anyways... I won't expect much from you guys and I really appreciate and am grateful for all the support you've shown for this story now that we've reached 38k reads!

If ever you all want me to continue this, I can't promise you to finish this immediately but I will really try my very best to at least update my story.

I'm sorry and grateful at the same time to all of you.


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