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                       "Fandom can keep something alive and fandom can take it down."

Aloha from the Fanfic Community!! 

Hogwarts, Winchesters, Sherlock, R2D2,Sign of the Times,KPOP  are some words that most of the fandom world is acquainted with. But there are some hidden gems of a fandom out there that are  just waiting to be binge watched. In order to introduce our awesome fanfic family to some incredible fandoms out there, we have introduced this book where we will be posting different fandoms every week. Some you might know and some are just waiting to be discovered.Because hey, let's admit it, you can never have too many fandoms to cosplay about right? 

What are your favorite fandoms? Comment below and let us know. 

And let's get this ball rolling!!!!!!

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