Devon, UK

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A week had nearly gone by after that ex girlfriend situation. The relationship video was uploaded, and they got a lot of positive comments. Many shippers fangirled the heck out of that video.
We were now discussing the fact that they were leaving.
"So, Shelby, how are you gonna feel when we leave?" Graser asked confidently
"Well, I'm not gonna be sad, Graser. Because I'm leaving too." I say with a smirk
"Huh? Where are you going?" Graser sounded less confident
"I'm going to the UK to meet my boyfriend's parents, Graser."
"Woah, that soon?" Graser asked
"I figured. The sooner, the better! I've already prerecorded my videos, and I booked a hotel." I told him
"Yeah, Graser. It's better to get something done early, so you won't have to worry about it later." Will said
"Ok... This means that I should write fanfic's now, and not worry about them later!" Graser said, with an enthusiastic tone

After that weird conversation, the full week had passed. Shelby and Will had two tickets to the UK, Graser was heading back to Canada, and Liam was on his way back to Arizona.

We saw Graser head towards his flight gate. It was now just Shelby and I, hand in hand, walking towards our gate. She didn't look nervous, at all. She seemed pretty confident to meet my parents.
We sit at our gate, waiting for when we could soon board our plane
"How are you feeling, Shelbs?" I asked, breaking the silence
"I... I'm excited! I'm still nervous, though... Meeting your loved ones parents is a big deal." She looks into my eyes
"You don't need to be nervous. They already love you." I stare back into her eyes
"I hope what you're telling me is true... Anyways, since we're on the topic of parents. When do you wanna meet mine?" She said, with a smirk
"What about Thanksgiving?" I suggest
"Sounds like a great time! I can express how thankful I am to be with you!"
"When are you not cute?" I stroke her cheek
"I could ask you the same question." She blushes
~"Ladies and gentlemen, please prepare to board this flight."~
We get in line to board the plane. In a matter of hours, we'd be in the UK, where Shelby would meet my parents. This is crazy. I didn't think this would ever happen. But, I'm glad it is.

It was a normal, and safe flight. It just consisted of the normal things... You know. Eating, and sleeping... Idk, I haven't been in a plane in such a long time.

This is it! I'm in the UK! I'm gonna meet his family! I hope everything goes well. Wooh. Shelby. You can do it! You can make a good impression of yourself!
We got off our plane, and got our bags.
"My parents don't know that you're here, for surprise purposes, so, my brother is picking us up."
"Okay. A surprise type of thing, nice!"
"Yeah! Oh, hey! There's my brother." We start to walk towards him
"Hey! Wynden!" Will calls (Pronounced as Winden. Idk his actual bros name😂)

We walk over to my brother. I give him a hug, and now it's time to introduce him to Shelby.
"Wynden, this is Shelby! The Shelby I've been talking about. And Shelby, this is Wynden, my younger brother."
"Hi Wynden! It's nice to finally meet you!" She says with a smile
"It's nice to meet you, too! Will has said a lot of good things about you." They both hug
"Aw, that's sweet of him!" She grasps my hand. Our fingers interlock
After a short conversation, we get into my brothers car, and we head to our house.
As we drove through the UK, I could see amazement in Shelby's eyes. It was her first time here.
"The UK is beautiful! It must be great to live here." She exclaimed
"Yeah, it is pretty beautiful. Not as beautiful as you, though."
"Save your flirting for later, please." Said Wynden awkwardly
"Hah... Sorry!" I apologized

After a long drive, we finally arrived at my house. This was it, Shelby was going to meet them! We got out of the car, and decided to worry about the bags later.
Wynden walked in first, and I walked in second. I decided to have Shelby walk in last, as a surprise.
I walk into the kitchen
"Mom, dad! I'm home!" I call out
"Welcome back home, son!" I gave my mom a hug
"Did you enjoy your trip?" My dad asked, as I hugged him
"I sure did! I brought back a surprise." I say enthusiastically
"You did? What is it?" My mom asked

I waited outside for the right time.
I'm so nervous... What if I'm not good enough? What if don't end up to be the person that Will has been telling them about? All I could do was hope.
Will walked out of his home.
"Are you ready?" He held my hand tightly
I took a deep breath
"Y-yeah... I'm ready."
We walk into the house, and into the kitchen where his parents were waiting for the "surprise."
"Mom, dad. This is Shelby. The one I've talked about for so long. She's my girlfriend."
They immediately pulled me into a comforting hug. My heart melted. I hugged back.
We pulled away
"It's really nice to finally meet you, Shelby! We've heard so many good things about you. Every time Will mentioned you, it only made us more excited to meet you." Will's mother said, in a warm tone
"You don't understand how happy we are to finally meet you, Shelby." Said Will's dad
"The feeling is mutual! I'm so glad that I'm getting to meet you guys." I said in my high pitched voice
"Oh, I totally forgot! Shelby, this is my mom, Emily, and my dad, Willis." Said Will
"You did great on raising, Will. He's a gentleman, and you both are great parents." I smiled
"Well, Will has a great taste in girls, it seems." Said Emily
We all laughed
"Anyways! Are you hungry? You had a long flight! Are you thirsty?" Emily asked, being the mother that she is
"I'm fine, thank you. I'm pretty energetic right now. But thank you for the offer." I gave her a warm smile
"Oh, alright! Come tell us more about yourself! How did you two get together?" Emily asks, leading us to the living room.
"Well, it all started on Harmony Hollow." I started

Well, Shelby met his parents! Wow. I'm so proud! Also, tomorrow or in a matter of hours, it's gonna be Shelby's birthday! She's turning 24! So, be sure to greet her!
Anyways, thank you for understanding when I didn't update yesterday!

~If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here for you!~

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