Author Note: So this is it. The extended edition ending. Keep in mind, this is still a first draft, so please bare with me. It is still a work in progress, and I'd love your feedback. 

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Chapter 31


I stood in the waiting room of the Little White Chapel near downtown Las Vegas. Mark was fixing my veil so it would drape down my back. We managed to grab a beautiful white dress at one of the Ceasar shops off the Strip. The veil was available at the chapel. I held a bouquet of white roses we had bought from the chapel check-in desk. I tried to not look at the slight shake to the flowers. I knew I had to steady myself.

I looked at Mark as he stood in front of me, putting all my hair in place before the big walk down the aisle. "Does everyone feel like this on their wedding day?"

"I would think if you didn't feel a little nervous, it wouldn't be normal." He took the comb in his hand and brushed a few wisps of hair that had fallen out of my hair bun. "You love Peter, right?"

I nodded my head trying to keep the butterflies from jumping out of my stomach. "Yes."

I could feel him adjusting some of the flowers in my hair. "Look down for a second. This one flower is coming out." He moved it and then stood back to look me over. "Perfect." He clapped his hands. "I'm so happy for you Julie."

I saw tears forming in his eyes. "Don't get all weepy on me, Mark."

He wiped at the edge of his eye. "I can't help it. This summer has been like a fairy tale in the making. This is the best ending ever."

"Is it?" I bit my lip and breathed deep.

"All that matters is the love between you two. You've both come through a lot, and have done so much together." He put his hands on my shoulders. "It's what you want, isn't it Julie? It's not too late if you don't want to."

I took a deep breath. Was I ready? Marriage is forever. I so wanted to be with Peter forever. I closed my eyes and imagined us older, sitting with a little one playing with blocks on the floor while we both watched TV. OK, maybe not blocks, but an iPad. That was more realistic. My mind was spacing out. 

A woman opened the door to the waiting room. She held a clipboard and adjusted her glasses as she leaned in. "It's time, my dear." I heard the music start. The traditional wedding march echoed through the open door. Mark took my hand, taking his place behind me as my Man of Honor. I walked to the spot where the woman directed me. A curtain hid me from the entrance into the chapel. She moved it aside, and I started to walk forward.

I looked down at my flowers. I was too nervous to look up. Then, I saw pedals from the previous wedding before us, and looked up. At the end of the aisle, Elvis stood with Peter next to him. Something I never thought I'd see. Peter was dressed in a black tailored suit he had bought on the Strip as well. He couldn't look more handsome. His rugged jawline was accented by the huge smile he gave me. I couldn't look at anything else but him. Our eyes locked, and he drew me down the aisle to him. It was feeling easier already. All I had to do was look at Peter.

I stood next to him in front of Elvis. The music ended, and Elvis began to speak. "Today, we are here to acknowledge the love and commitment that Peter Mason and Julie Simmons are to promise to each other in official wedlock."

Elvis took our hands, and placed mine on top of Peter's. "Together, you will travel down the road of life from this point onward. Together, you will be as one in facing what life will present to you both. Together, forever." I could feel Peter grip my hand tighter.

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