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I can't exactly say what happened. Because I myself can't comprehend what happened. All I know is that the whole Green Lantern Corps was taken to another dimension or something after the universe saw the Green Lanterns as their enemies. No one can explain it, but my dad— Hal Jordan— took the fall for the corps. All those things happened when he was leading the corps. He saw it has his fault.

He gave up his ring and stole a gauntlet the Gaurdians were planning to use instead of our now power rings. He became wanted in all sectors. The corps looked for him, but didn't find him. Our members had started disappearing throught sectors, except on Earth. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz were still on Earth.

The rest of the corps disappeared, including me. The Gaurdians told the corps to flee to our fellow commrad Mogo, a living planet. We waited for the Gaurdians, but they never showed. That was when the corps got sucked into this... Other dimension.

Now, we're fighting for our lives to get out. We've been using Mogo's power battery to recharge our power rings. Many of us died in battle. John became some what of the leader of the corps. He lead us through the battles we fought. Helped us with death of fellow comrades. Guess U.S. Navy training and fighting payed off.

Something had opened up in front of us. John ordered is to fly through it. It looked like a sector we fought hard to get too. We all flew as fast has our rings could carry us.

"You sure this'll work Johnny?" Guy asked as we all flew towards the portal or whatever it was that brought us here in the first place.

"It's worth a try." John said as we were closer to it.

We were still being shot at but whatever occupied this dimension. I, being me, decided it was a good idea to leave my corps and fight who was shooting at us.

"Alyssa!!" John yelled at me.

I completely ignored him as I dodged getting shot at. I shot back and I had left myself open and got shot. I flew backwards as I continued getting shot at. Guy flew towards me and shielded me from getting shot at anymore. He grabbed me and flew to the rest of the corps.

We got our just in time. The portal closed and the corps was floating in space. John made the decision to make base on Mogo. We flew down and made camp. Guy was carrying me while we floated down.

"What do we do now?" Kilowag asked

"Get comma up and running." John said "Tend to the injured." He added.

We all nodded and there injured, including myself, went to an infirmary type room. Guy had set me down on a bed and John walked in along with some Green Lanterns that were medics before they were lanterns.

"What were you think Alyssa?" John asked me

"Twenty one years old and still treated like a kid." I said to myself. "Was trying to cover the corps." I told John.

"We've fought enough wherever we were. We didn't need to fight more." John said

"John, this is me were talking about. I don't listen to orders." I said

"She's not wrong." Guy said

"Be more careful. We lost one Jordan. We can't lose another on." John said

"Thanks for the concern John." I said.

Guy and Johm walked away as another Green Lantern came up and started tending to my wounds. I played on the bed till they were done and cleared me. I walked out with my rips sightly hurting.

John, Kilowag, and Guy were all talking by Mogo's power battery. I walked over to them. John noticed me and sighed as I reached the group.

"You should be resting." Johm told me

"I'll be fine." I said "Anything new?" I asked

"Nothing." Guy said

"I'm going to fly around. Look for my dad." I told them.

"No your not." All three said

"I'm not going to get shot down. I know how to handle myself as a Green Lantern." I told them

"Guy, go with her." John said

I sighed and just flew into the air. Guy followed behind me. We searched the sectors for anything about my dad. Asked some people on other planets. Said he was flying around in a trench coat and had the gauntlet. We didn't find anything. So we headed back to Mogo.

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