Chapter 5 - Rotten to the core

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Out of all the classes Dianna had, Remedial Goodness was the worst. The worst class that she had to take. Dianna, Mal, and Evie sat on a table together, while Jay and Carlos shared a table. Dianna turned to the Fairygod mother, who held a wooden pointing stick, pointing at the first question.

"Now class, if someone hands you a crying baby, what do you do?" Fairygod mother said, dramatically flailing her arms around.

"Trap it in a lamp?" asked Jay.

"Bake it into a cake?" said Carlos.

"Burn it to a crisp?" suggested Dianna.

"Give it a poison apple?" said Evie.

"Curse it on its birthday?" asked Mal.

"You're all horrible." someone said, Dianna turned back, as she met her gaze with a girl, dressed in all blue similar to that of Fairygod mother, She squealed in fear as they walked by the notorius villain kids, Dianna gave her sharp grin, and she moved faster than ever.

"Hello young one, everyone this is my daughter Jane." Fairygod mother said, Jane turned to her with eyes wide open and a dropped jaw. Fairygod mother smiled towards her as she turned Jane, facing the villain kids.

"Don't mind me. As you were." Jane instantly rushed out the door and Dianna couldn't help but smile.

Dianna and her friends were dismissed, and they separated, Jay and Carlos went over to the tourney field, Fairygod mother suggested an alternative way to express themselves. The girls went over to Mal's locker, where they discussed what the next plan to retrieve the wand was. It was then that Dianna noticed Jane, walking towards them, and sprinting as she got closer. Then running as she came next to them and ran away as fast as she could.

"What about little miss bibbidi bobbidi? Maybe she could persuade her mother for the wand? We would just have to–"

"Befriend her. Ugh." interrupted Mal.

"We'll need to try, we don't have any other options. Mal? will you do the honours?" said Evie.

Mal grunted in response, but later agreed. Dianna and Evie grinned, as they hugged each other.

"and just what are you ladies celebrating about?" said a voice. Dianna turned, only to find Magnus, smiling directly at her.

"Nothing that concerns the likes of you, leave us." Dianna said, extremely vexed. Magnus smiled even wider.

"Well then, lady wildfire, lets do something that concerns us, specifically, You and I." Magnus bends on one knee, with a box in both his hands, he opens it, and a necklace that had an opal with red and blue hues in its centre, with two golden dragons circling around it.

Dianna froze, She turned to Evie and Mal whose both jaws dropped. Dianna shrugged and turned to them with a confused look on her face that almost said "what in Maleficent, Hades and Grimhelde's name do I do?" Evie kicked Dianna's leg, and Mal nodded with her eyes wide open.



He was in an open forest, he canvased the area around him, there was nothing but trees. Suddenly he heard the sizzling of fire, he turned around only to find the forest on fire. He looked to different directions, to find someway to escape the forest fire, anxiety filling him to the brim, he was always afraid of fire, the stories of his father and what Hades did in hell, and how he was the king of fire, it had instil within him a fear. and it was then that he saw a girl, with scarlet red hair, arms open and lit on fire.

He walked closer, and he realised that the girl was screaming, Magnus stopped, the girl started to turn towards him, Fire swarmed all around her, her scarlet red hair started to turn to flame. Magnus stepped back, he flinched as he stared at her, with bright white eyes it filled him with fear.

"Help me. Please." She said, Magnus stared at her, he crept closer.

"Help me Magnus." She said once more. The flames burned hotter around her, it started to turn into hues of purple and orange.

"Help me." Magnus shut his eyes, and he charged towards her and embraced her. The fires swarming around her started to die down, the hues of purple and orange started to fade away.

Magnus opened his eyes as he held her shoulders, the fire surrounding her body started to fade away, and he could see her clearer.


Magnus woke up, he was on his bed, next to him, Chad was snoring fast asleep. He was sweating, his shirtless body now wet and full of sweat. He sighed as he went off to the bathroom, attempting to cool down.

What in Zeus' name was that?


Dianna and her friends were hanging out in Mal's room, discussing their next plan of action. Jay then walked in, as he hollered in his new jersey that had his name imprinted on it with the number 8. He walked over to Mal, who was sitting on her bed , going through her spell book.

"Did your plan work? are you going with Jane to go see the wand?" Jay asked.

"Did you think I'd be going through every single spell in this spellbook if I hadn't completely struck out?" Mal said with annoyance.

"Come on guys, we can do this. If we just stick together." Jay said, with a smile across his face.

"And we won't go back, until we do. Because we're rotten.

"To the core." They replied in unison.

"Oh yeah I found out that Fairygod mother blesses Ben in the coronation and we all get to go. I have nothing to wear of course." Dianna and Mal's Jaw dropped.

"You've been holding out on us this entire time?" said Dianna.

"I didn't think it was important. Plus, I was busy, being the fairest of them all isn't easy D." Dianna and Mal rolled their eyes in unison. It was then that they heard a knock on the door.

"Hold that thought." Mal said. As she walked over to open the door, It was two boys, Prince Ben, and none other than Magnus.

Oh dear god.

"Hey, Mal. I didn't see you guys today I was wondering if you had any questions? or anything? This is Magnus by the way, he's here to pick up Dianna." Ben said, with a huge smile spread across his face, Dianna couldn't help but suspect that could there be feelings involved in this conversation?

"You ready to go Dianna? I wanna take you somewhere, It'll be a surprise."

"Just give me a minute or two, I'll be right there."

Oh Hades please help her.

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