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Pen Your Pride


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          “Not another word. I forbid it.” A voice in the darkness hissed.

          “I know what I want. Trust me.” I hissed back. My arms extended in front of me in the cold water.

          “You know nothing of the Above.” The voice grew closer as his hand wrapped around my wrist. I jerked away looking up at the moon high above the surface.

          “You must let me go,” I cried, “There is nothing I want more.” I pulled and pulled away will all my might.

          “I won’t let you,” He put his other hand on my shoulder, “I couldn’t bear to live without you if you were unable to return in time.” The bright glowing blue of his eyes cut through the darkness. I sighed.

          “I will return. You can trust me.”

          “No. I won’t risk it.” He began to pull me down into the depths. I cried out and managed to sink my fangs into the side of his hand. He yelped and slid away from me. I took the moment as an opportunity and sped off toward land.

          “Midoree!” I heard him yell through the water. I ignored it, putting all my strength into getting to the surface. My eyes stayed locked on the moon.  

As soon as my arms broke the top I gasped at the frozen bite of air. The moon was magnified, shining bright enough for me to catch the sight of rocks. I turned toward them.

          “I’m sorry father.” I whispered, ignoring the pull calling me back into the sea.

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