<3 Infatuated


Thirty minutes later, I was done with Amelia's party. Everywhere, people were grinding, making out, or playing beer pong in the corners. No one seemed sober and everybody tried to dissuade me from not taking another sip of my flat beer that I was tempted to throw away into the trash can.

Pulling down my dress as far as it went so nobody would get the wrong impression, I squeezed the dancing bodies, trying to find Amelia. She was in the middle of the dance floor, grinding with who I hoped was a ghost version of Ricky, and smiled at me as I got closer.

"Having fun?" She yelled over the music, her voice slightly slurred and her red curly damp.

"Actually," I yelled back, "I'm not feeling too peachy Amelia. I think I may have to call it a night."

Amelia pouted, "don't go just yet. It's only been an hour of fun! We haven't even gotten to the pinyata yet!"

I grimaced, trying to feign looking ill. "I'm sorry Amelia but I really have to go. Or else I might barf all over some hot guy's shoe."

"Aw poor Kirsten. I got you so plastered that you might barf." Her laughter was obviously one of a drunkard since one, she was starting to sway not in a grinding way but in a drunk dizzy way, and two, it was pretty easy to see that I was not drunk off my ass.

I sighed, making sure that I had my phone in my hand. "Later Amelia. Call a cab or something once the party's over. I'll find a ride."

Not waiting to hear her reply, I hurried through the sweating crowd and into the fresh cold air outside.

Immediately goosebumps rose all over my skin as the wind bit my scantily clad body. Flipping open my phone, I starting pressing the numbers for a cab before a beep from my phone distracted me, it being a text message from Garrett.

'Hey', it said, 'I'm coming to pick you up because I want to talk to you. Be there in fifteen.'

The text message was sent twenty minutes ago so I strained my eyes in the darkness for any sign of an expensive looking car.

A loud car honk to my right made me jump and turn around, finding myself staring at Garrett's familiar black Mercedes, with him inside still wearing the ridiculous mustache. Nearly running to the car, I opened up the door and hopped in, smiling at Garrett as I did so.

"Thank you so much for picking me up." I muttered, pushing my hands up against the car heater.

Garrett was pretty quiet as he drove towards the exit, muttering a 'you're welcome' before he was silent for a minute.

"How was the party?" He finally asked, giving me a sideways look before looking back at the road.

"Horrible." I replied, trying to sound casual as we turned onto the highway, the tension in the car obviously coming from Garrett.

"Yeah? I never figured you were one for the wild crowd."

"You know me pretty well then."

Garrett cleared his throat before finally saying more than a sentence. "It's cold today. I'm surprised you didn't come out as a popsicle."

"Yeah well I guess bumblebees are good at staying warm or something. I wasn't too cold."

The man next to me cracked a small smile under his faux beard, making me feel a bit better.

"Why are you still wearing that ridiculous mustache?" I asked tugging on it slightly.

his face turned from a small smile to a grimace. "I think I may have super glued it to my upper lip or something. I tried taking it off but it wouldn't budge. Seriously. My skin's also starting to itch like crazy so I must be allergic to whatever the hell that adhesive was."

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