Chapter Nineteen- Something Sour Yet So Sweet

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So today it was raining and I kind of thought it would be fun to go dance in it. Well, bad idea seeing as I fell thus scraping my knee. Moral of the story...dancing in the rain isn't as awesome as they make it out to be! Anywho please vote and comment! Also I will dedicate this to the person that comments their best fail!


Chapter Nineteen- Something Sour Yet So Sweet

June 21st: Waxing Crescent

    It was when we were almost to midnight that the illness raked over my body again. I had concealed well enough for awhile that neither Joseph nor Blue Eyes noticed my coughing attacks. It grew to much, however, for me to ignore when the blood started staining my hands again. The oddest part about my suddeness sickness was that the only time I actually felt sick was when I coughed up the blood. Otherwise I felt completely normal, like something was surpressing the pain. What I would give to have it surpress it for all time. 

    Though, I couldn't worry about it too long unless I wanted to risk collapsing in the car and thus dying. Personally I would take dying in the hospital rather than in the car where Joseph and Blue Eyes would never know what had happened. Then again, I was likely just being melodramatic. 

    One of my cough attacks had just finished and I decided that it was time I told Joseph and Blue Eyes what was really going on. I knew I needed medical attention, but it was hard coming up with the correct way to approach the situation. Why couldn't Joseph have just used his special mind powers in that moment to take me to the hospital without me needing to explain it. It was panic inducing enough. 

    "There's something wrong with me," I speak, wishing to make it blunt but my voice comes out completely wrong. I sound too raspy yet at the same time like I'm acting in order to make it sound that way. 

    Joseph and Blue Eyes obviously took it as a joke because they both laugh, not even taking into consideration the fact that I've been coughing non-stop since my arrival in the car. Couldn't they use some sort of context clues to see that I was unwell? Or else was it their rudeness that kept them less perceptive to that kind of thing?

    "You could definitely say that again," Blue Eyes says, a smile on his face as he stares out the window. 

    Were they really that unknowing that they hadn't seen me conceal the blood on my palms? "I'm not joking around her." This time I fill my voice with all the fear I'm feeling, let it seep into them a bit so the realism will take effect. 

    Once again though they laugh, taking it all as a funny joke someone might say over a bottle of beer. How could they be so ridiculous? Would it kill them to open their eyes for a moment?

    As I thought deeper into the situation though it was partially my fault. After the incident in the bathroom I hid it, acting as if everything were fine. That had been my intention anyway, hoping that nothing would happen again so I wouldn't have to mention it to anyone. Here I was though, gasping and waiting for someone to see that something was amiss. In reality I was the one to blame here. If only I hadn't been such an idiot and told them after it happened.

    A cough - even worse than the one in the hallway - took me over. I doubled over in my seat, clutching at my stomach like it was the only thing that was left to support me. My eyes fluttered madly as if they no longer had control over whether they wanted to open or close; they wanted both options. When the coughing subsided the pain in my stomach stayed and the blood I'd been trying to hold back came spilling out of my mouth. In any other situation I would have been horribly grossed out - no doubt how Joseph and Blue Eyes must have felt - but I seriously felt like I was going to die.

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