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This is the new generation. You don't get to pick who to be with, they do. When you're born, you get a tattoo put on the back of your neck, and the person with that same tattoo is your "soul mate". Any other tattoos are strictly against the law, because they are seen as a rebellion against the government.

Braylee is from a wealthy family. She is dating a boy named Conner, and although it is "forbidden", she gets away with it. Her father, is apart of the government, and also feared by many.

The world is corrupt, worse then it was in 2015. Would you feel safe in the arms of people who are apart of a gang? Let alone, feel safe living with them?

She was clueless. She had no clue that her beloved brother, and father, we're apart of such a thing. And, neither did her mother. So, when a man named Liam Payne buys her off of Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson, she's surprised to find out that he's doing this to get back at her father, and to get ransom money.

But, can she really be surprised? Everyone knows deep down, that being wealthy, and powerful comes with a price...

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