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1) Use A Planner

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1) Use A Planner

My current school you have to pay for a planner, my old school they gave you one for free; however, either way I totally recommend getting one to stay organized. If you are too lazy to get a planner, ask you teacher to use the Remind app. Basically they would create a class and send reminders for you and your classmates about tests/homework.

2) Color Code

Kinda goes with a planner thing, but anyways color code your planner. It may sound stupid, but it really keeps your planner(you can even do it for taking notes) organized and can be easily read.

3) Create A School Folder On Your Phone 

On your phone or any device, create a school folder. Yes, create a folder for all your school apps so you easily know where all your apps for school are located.

4) Pack The Night Before

Pack your backpack the night before. This sounds really cliche, but it really works. In mornings, for me at least, I am so rushed so I would easily forget stuff. At night, your probably just completed everything and know what homework you would need to bring. 

5) Label Your Flashcards And Save Them

If you are huge flashcard person to study, keep the flashcards after the test. It would be really important for your finals, and saves a ton of time so you don't have to re-make them. Also, be sure to label all your flashcards with the corresponding chapter or unit.


hope these hacks helped you!! :)

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