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Megan P.O.V.

                “Dude what happened last night?” I heard someone say as I opened my eyes and sat up. I had a major pounding in my head and the light hurt my eyes. I looked down and saw that I wasn’t wearing my dress and longer and was only in my bra and underwear. I looked around and so was Melissa and the boys where all partially naked as well. We were all sprawled around the room somewhere. I was on the table, Niall was on the chairs, and Zayn were on the floor. Melissa, Liam, and Louis were all sitting in the kitchen area looking majorly confused.

                “Guys what the pudding cup happened last night?” I asked and sat down next to them.

                “We were just trying it figure it out,” Louis said and took a bite of his carrot.

                “HOLY FRENCH FRIES AND PUMPKIN PIE WITH CRANBERRY SAUCE AND CHOCOLATE FROGS! Guys we’re late for rehearsal!” I say and they all look at the clock which reads 11:34. I look around for my phone and find it on the floor next somebody’s sweatpants. I pick it up and see 5 missed calls and 13 new texts all from either Erin or Simon all very angry! “Melissa let’s go get ready! Boys wake up the others.” I say as I pull Melissa up the stairs and look in the mirror and see an angry purple bruise on my nose and all the events of last night flood back. Ryan cheating on my with that little Dorito. Me coming back and getting in a fight with Harry. Then Caroline. Then her punching me. And then us dancing and playing strip poker. I laugh loudly and Melissa looks over at me like I’m crazy.

                “What are you laughing at?” She asks while getting ready.

                “Just all the things that happened last night. Speaking of which we didn’t do anything except play strip poker and dance.” I say and get pulled on my outfit for the day. We quickly get ready and go downstairs where we tell the boys what I remembered.

                “Ohhhhh, well that makes sense!” Louis says as we walk downstairs and get into the elevator. “So what are you going to do today when you see Ryan?”

                “I don’t know. I mean I guess I’ll just try to ignore him. I’ve never dealt with getting cheated on or breaking up with someone before, so I really don’t know. Besides I’ve dealt with worst ways to lose a boyfriend so this is no big deal. What I’m really upset about is Harry. I mean I’m still upset with the fact that he didn’t stick up for me, especially because it was Caroline. But also I want to make up because I’m really close with him…. Ughhhhhhh, why is so complicated?” I say as we walk to the apartment. We walk out into the city and into the limo.

                We quickly get to the arena and run in. “We’re here!” We all yell and everyone looks over at us.

                “Finally! Let’s get to work. The concert is in seven hours!” Simon comes in and looks quite angry.

                “Hey Uncle Simon!” We all go over to hug him.

                “No. Not until the concert is over and it goes well. By the why did Harry get here on time and you guys didn’t?” He asks.

                “Oh yeah, Harry spent the night at Caroline’s. And we just went sleep a little late and slept in a little,” I say and Simon looks over to Harry and glares at him.

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