Chapter 10: I'm sorry...

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The teenager refused to look up, instead he continued to lay down in his vomit and cry violently: causing Levi to narrow his eyes and look over to Erwin smith, almost like he was asking for support..

"If you don't tell us exactly what you were doing and what exactly happened to our Subordinate then I will send a letter to the commander of the military police and get all three of you hanged tomorrow morning..." Commander Erwin spoke as he looked at all of the men with a serious face, instantly all three men knew that the tall man wasn't telling the truth but they still refused to speak causing the man to sigh and look down to the floor with irritation.

"Levi, carry Eren back to the survey corps base... leave me here to sort out these idiots.."

The small man looked like he was uncomfortable, and so he ignored the commanders ordered and instead started looking around. His eyes had found Eren Jaeger clothes in the corner of the room and so he got to his feet and walked over to them before grasping them in his hand and picking up a near by knife.

He used the knife to cut the rope around the teenagers wrists, allowing Eren's hands to fall beside himself.

"Come on Eren..." Levi spoke but the boy gritted his teeth shaking with fear and didn't move.

"They may have drugged him." Erwin Smith breathed rubbing his head and giving the man who was sat on the floor holding his newly injured crotch a death glare. "Is that true?"

" I swear!" The man spoke with fear and the other two men agreed...nodding their heads and remaining closer together, it was obvious they wanted to get away from the situation and quick.

"You better stay here!" The blond haired man spat and he walked over to Eren and helped him sit up; the teenager was awake but he acted like he was extremely drunk and dizzy causing his eyes to open for a little bit but close due to sickness.
The atmosphere made Erwin turn around and shoot two of the men in the head causing both of them to fall to the floor and bleed out.

"Help me out here..Levi..." Erwin spoke as he removed his cape and wrapped it around Eren's body, "...I..I'm sorry.." Eren Jaeger cried weakly now collapsing into Levi Ackerman's lap and crying violently, Levi reluctantly placed his hand ontop of the boy's head and sighed with guilt. "It's impossible to carry him in this condition, what if someone saw him?"

"We need to get him home..." the tall man breathed looking at Levi and grasping Eren's clothes, "let's get him dressed, if we do get stopped we tell them we found him drinking, got it?"

"Yes.." Levi nodded his head and helped get the teenager dressed, once that was finished the two soldiers got to their feet and helped the teenager get to his feet the best they could; before picking him up and taking it in turns to carry the boy.

When they reached the base Levi was carrying him in his arms, the teenager was heavy causing the man to struggle but the commander helped him from time to time, "take him to a bath.... he must feel pretty filthy."

"...I was already planning to.. " Levi agreed as both of them split up and moved apart, the commander went to write Nile dawk a letter and Levi went to wash Eren.

Levi got into the tub laying on his back and allowing Eren to lay above him, his breathing was shaking as he didn't speak, it was almost like he was semi conscious, the water was freezing causing the captain to gasp loudly.. both of them laid in the water meaning their clothes slowly soaked up the water and drenched them both.

"Capt..ain..." Eren whispered holding the man's shirt tightly with his hand as Levi cupped some water and ran his hand over the boy's face trying to clean up the vomit.
"Eren... you're ok.." the man whispered softly soothingly stroking his hair with the water, and almost hugging him.

"I..I'm sorry..."

"Don't be, it wasn't your fault... you're in safe hands right now so just relax." The smaller man sat up causing Eren to sit up as well. "This water is freezing, let's run a new one ok? I'll stay with you.. and make sure you get cleaned ok... we can spend as much time as you want beside me. I won't leave you until I know you're feeling better."

The teenager only stared at the man before him as the freezing cold water seemed to soothe his pain.
He was broken his face exhausted making Levi "tch." With guilt.
"Come on.." the smaller man spoke as he grasped the boy's hand and put some water on the rope burn.

"Captain..." Eren breathed, "right now.. I feel like crap.. it's all my fault- I could... have...stoped it..." the teenager weeped almost screaming with pain causing Levi to wipe away his tears.

"Let's run a hot bath Eren.." the man spoke getting to his feet and pulling Eren up with him, the man emptied the bath and began to run a new one, ignoring the fact that the water they were just in was completely disgusting.

To be continued...

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