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Sodium sodium sodium

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Sodium sodium sodium

Story Time!!!!

Okay so I was in class and it was like the 2nd or 3rd day of school. I was in science class and we were talking about elements. We had to look at the element table and right down the ones me thought we knew pretty well down in our notebook. After that the teacher was like "Okay raise your hand. . . What element do you think you know and how do you know it?" So me I waiting until a few other people went so I wouldn't be first and I wouldn't be last. I raised my hand and said Sodium. She looked at me with a smile and so hopeful Bc no one else had said that. She asked how I knew the element. So I answered Memez. All hope left from her face. She just walked over to her desk and put her head in her hands.
I am the reason my science teacher gave up on humanity itself.

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