📦Moving in 📦

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Louis had been happy to hear the news that Dan was moving in with Phil, but with that she was also very worried. The boys had only met months ago and though they had really hit it off Louise was freighted of what could happen if thing went wrong. "Phil honey,could speak to you for minute?" She asked sticking her head in to Dans bedroom where the boys were packing his stuff up.

Phil mumbled a 'Yeah' as he finished taping one of many boxes closed. Once stood to his full height Phil began to leave the room but stop when a Dan produced a small whine."I'll be back soon baby." Phil assured with a smile that allowed the little to relax and let him leave.

Louise was followed all the way to the kitchen table where she was sure dan wouldn't be able to here their conversation.

Once they were sat down Louise started "Phil," She said giving him smile." You're sure you want Dan to move in with you?"Louise asked carefully so it didn't come out in a rude way.

Phil nodded his head happily."Of corse,I really like him Louise. I know you're worried but I promise you I'll take care of him."

Out of all of Dans boyfriends Louise had definitely liked Phil the most. The way he seemed to care so much about the boy in so little time was amazing. And she loved how Phil seemed to automatically take care of the little.

"I remember the night Dan first met you." Louise pondered back to the night when Dan left her house very sad and came back over the moon talking about a tall lanky boy with the most beautiful smile who gave him free cookies and called him cute.

She told Phil about this and the pair shared their favorite memories of Dan. The two adults didn't seem to here Dan walk in the room as Phil talked about how he much Dan loved the zoo but the little plumped down right in Phil's lap leaning back in to his chest.

"Why are you talking about me-?" Dan groaned out over dramatically,even though the little secretly loved the attention,he soundly admit it.

"Because your cute." Phil said simply with a kiss on Dans cheek.
Louise had left the table to start preparing lunch. "Have you got the last few boxes packed up babe?" While there was a lot of stuff the boys were getting ready to take another small load of stuff the Phil's apartment.

The little nodded as he grabbed Phil's had to play with his fingers. "I have the last load of stuffies packed,but we gotta hurry and let them out daddy!" Dan exclaimed, worry clearly showing in his face.

"We will sweetie,how about we go over to the house now while Louise cooks lunch?"

"Sounds good!" Dan answered Phil's question before jumping off his lap and running to get the box of stuffed animals.

He soon retreated with 3 boxes stacked on to of each other. The little wobbled slight as he attempted to make it to the front door. "Why don't you let me get the big boxes sweetie."
Phil took the boxes that were treating to fall out of Dans arms.

The boys filled Phil's car with boxes,Dan getting all of the light ones because he was too little to lift the heavy ones,before getting in themselves. Dan of corse wanted to listen to Disney song,and Phil let him.


By mid night Dan had passed out on Louise's couch leaving Phil's to gather the last of his boxes and find ways to put them in his car to avoid another trip.

Once every thing was loaded Phil came back to load the most important thing,his little. The would be point in waking the boy as he would only get cranky,and not want to go back to sleep most likely. Phil just picked the boy up and like always Dan wrapped his limbs around his partner like a koala bear. Wrapping his arms securely around the sleeping boy Phil going to the front door. Louise opened the door and followed then to the car where she helped Phil put sleeping boy down.

"Goodnight love,get your boy to bed." Louise gave Phil a hug after he too said goodnigh before walking back in to her house and waving at the boys as they drove away.

Once they were home and inside Dan was taken up to his new bedroom and sat on the bed. The flopped over groaning. "Daddy!" Doing 'grabby hands' Dan simply wanted to cuddle with his partner and sleep before his parents were due to arrive the next day. Meaning Dan sadly,wouldn't be able to be little until they left.

"I'm know kitten,but you need to get ready for bed." After changing himself Phil picked one of his over sized shirts and went back to Dan who wore a grumpy face.
"Arms up please," Dan complied raising his arms to allow his shirt to be removed. It was replaced with a larger shirt that fell to his mid thigh and next went his pants.

"Thank you daddy." Dan yawned and he crawled to the top of the bed and get in. "Can I have a paci?" Now sitting up Phil knew the little would be up for at least 15 minutes. He nodded and left for the kitchen to get the boy a bottle and one of the new pacifiers Phil bought his little.

The bottle was filled up with water and Phil made his way back to the little who was watching some show on the TV. Once Phil got in bed Dan climbed in to his lap leaning back in to him. "How about I put a Disney movie on until you fall asleep?" Though its wasn't really a question Dan nodded excitedly.

So Dan's favorite movie was out on while he drank from his bottle. And half way through while Dan was falling asleep and his bottle was set on the night stand and a pacifier replaced it. Phil kissed the boy goodnight and they fell in to a peaceful sleep.

Sorry this chapter too so long but here's a mini filler until Friday. Or there may be an update Sunday cuz I'm doing some stuff for my birthday on the weekend

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