Chapter 13

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Y/N's POV:

"And this is where the girls get their makeup and hair done" I said to Camila's little sister as we entered the room where we film

"It's so cool" sofi said excitedly

I was currently at the movie studio giving Camila and her sister the tour i promised them. Of course dove and Sofia were with us as well

Surprisingly it wasn't as awkward as I expected and the girls were actually getting along quite well

"Sofi do you want to try a wig on?" Sofia said to the young Cuban girl as she knelt down on her knees to be on her level.

"Can I?" Sofi asked excitedly and I saw that she gripped Sofias hand even tighter

She was holding my girlfriends hand the entire time throughout this tour. And I think it kinda made camila jealous if I'm being honest

"You want to try a wig on Camila?" I asked her and she laughed and shook her head no

As Sofia and dove went with the younger Sofia (a/n this shit confusing af 😂) to help her put the wig Camila and I stayed back away from them

"Thank you" Camila mumbled not taking her eyes away from her younger sisters smile

"For what?" I asked

"For bringing her here. She's enjoying herself so much" she said

"Anything for her. You know I love her just like if she was my own blood" I said

"She loves you too" she said and I smiled

As I stared at Sofia interacting with the young girl I felt my heart race. I always loved seeing her with kids because she was so kind and gentle. So pure and full of love

I think she caught on to my staring because she looked up and met my eyes. She sent me a smile and playful wink and I blushed and looked down. I put a strand of hair behind my ear and looked up and saw Camila staring at me but when I met her eyes she looked down. I think she saw the little interaction I had with Sofia

After a few minutes passed they finished putting on a blue wig on little sofi and she was having a blast. They started taking pictures of her and with her and it was really cute

"Having a good time" Camila asked her sister once she started getting out of the wig

"Yea just a little hungry tho" little sofi replied

"How about we get some lunch?" I asked and they all agreed

We all minus dove headed to my car and got in. Dove said she had some more work to do so she couldn't go with us.

After about a 15 minute drive we got to mine and Sofias favorite restaurant. And as usual there were a few paparazzis there

"Kaki" sofi said a little scared and held Camila's hand tight and went closer to her

"It's okay sofi I'm here. Just keep walking and don't say anything" she said to calm her down

Sofia and I walked in front of Camila and sofi and I led the way

Sofia gets uncomfortable around the paps sometimes too but I let her grab on to my arm and she connected our hands at the end tightly

"Hey you two nice to see you around here again" one pap said to Sofia and I and we smiled

"Sofia when's your Cinderella movie coming out?" One guy asked

"Very soon guys" she said politely as we tried making our way through the crowd

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