Chapter 10 Do you have something on your mind pet?

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Chapter 10


When we got back to the marina I noticed several men getting out of four black SUV's, they were all dressed in dark suits, with dark glasses and  each had a duffle bag and a large, hard case with them.  When I looked even closer I noticed they had little ear buds in one ear with those squiggly wires coming out and into their jacket, like CIA or FBI guys you see in movies.  Each SUV had three of these men getting out and the driver staying in the vehicle, so there were twelve men when they all converged in a group on the dock near us.

Stepping out of the car I couldn't help staring.  "That's our on-board security," Nico said quietly as he emerged from the car behind me.    He walked right over to them and began speaking with  one who seemed to be the leader.  I stayed by the car watching figuring that if Nico wanted me to come over, he would let me know.  After a few minutes they both looked at me and continued talking, the guy was nodding as he watched me and then turned back to Nico.  A few words later Nico returned.  He grabbed the brown shopping bag that he had picked up at the club and left the rest of the packages for his staff to bring to the boat, just like last time.  Nico and I got aboard the powerboat, the lead security guy was speaking with his men and then he and another one got on the boat with us. 

"Finn, this is Mr. Steele and Mr. Cohen," he introduced, "Mr. Steele is head of my security and Mr. Cohen is his right hand."  Mr. Steele reached out his hand and I looked at Nico, he nodded so I quickly shook his hand and then Mr. Cohen's as well.  I wondered why it was okay for me to shake their hands, but not Jeff back at the club.

The rest of the security guys got on another boat and after the packages were loaded on ours we took off for the ship.  As we bounced out of the marina I immediately secured myself in Nico's arms, which was pretty much my favourite way to travel on the small boat now.

At Serenity, Nico and I got off the powerboat first and headed straight up to his quarters.  He unlocked the door and a few minutes later two of his men brought up the other packages and placed them inside the main door and quickly left.  Before I could say anything, Nico pulled me back out, locked the door and took me by the hand.

"Follow me," he instructed.  We went through a few hallways to another door and he knocked.  An older man in a white coat opened the door.  We walked in and there was a small waiting area, a desk and some other rooms off to the back.  There was another man sitting on a chair wearing some kind of uniform jacket.  I looked at a patch and it said ACT Medical Couriers.  I looked further and realized this place looked like a doctor's office.

"Finn, this is Dr. Cortez, he is the ship's doctor and he's going to give you a quick exam before we leave port.  I'll be right with you, so you don't have to worry." 

Before I could say a thing, they led me into an exam room.

"But there's nothing wrong with me Sir," I protested.

"When was the last time you saw a doctor, Finn?" Dr. Cortez asked.

"Umm...I'm not really sure," I admitted, "Some time before my Dad died, probably when I was 10...but I've never really been sick, except maybe a cold or two."

"This is just a check-up Finn, everyone should get a check-up at least once a year, this is just normal procedure," the Doctor added.  I looked at Nico but he nodded and looked unwavering.

"I'm going to step out of the room for just a moment to get some things, Finn," Dr. Cortez explained, "while I'm gone I'd like you to slip out of your clothes, you can leave your boxers on.  There is a container in the washroom there, we'll need a urine sample and then  I'll take a blood sample which I'll send off to the lab.  I have a courier waiting, so we'll take care of those two things first so we can send him on his way."

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