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             William smiled as he left his last class of the day: English. He met a brown haired kid named Ryan, and he also saw Mike from chemistry. He's leaning on Sisky's car, waiting for him. It's cold after school, which William expected, but William also expected Sisky not to leave him abandoned outside.

William looked around. He saw the guy from his Music History class - the time traveler . He saw William look over, which made William blush and look in the other direction. Gabe started to walk over to William, stepping on his cigarette in the process.

"You smoke?" William asked, confused on how anyone could have that filthy habit.

"Well, sometimes. I can stop when I want to." Gabe leans up against the car and looks a William, "You look cold."

"I am. Sisky hasn't come to open his fucking car." William crosses his arms, god he's freezing. Gabe frowned, and started to unzip his purple hoodie.

"Here, just for today." Gabe puts his hoodie on William's shoulders, William gives him a confused look.

"You can give it to me in class tomorrow." He gave William a reassuring smile and a small nod.

"Won't you get cold?" William asks, and Gabe shakes his head.

"I'm warm blooded, don't worry."

William giggles, "Thanks, gabe."

"No problem, how was your Chem class?"

"My Chem-Oh, my Chemistry class." William nodded his head. "It was okay, that Tom guy was there, Conrad, you know him?" William asks, and Gabe rolls his eyes a heavy and loud, almost forced sigh left him.

"He's into bad stuff, man. Don't fuck with guys like that." Gabe says in a worrying tone.

William laughs a little. "All you jersey boys are the same to me," He's playing with the sleeves of Gabe's hoodie, it's too big for him, but it makes it interesting. Almost fun. "You're either in a band or working at a supermarket." William blabs on.

"I do both of those things," Gabe says seriously.

"Hmm, my point exactly."

The jacket looks as if it's eating William, like it'd swallow him whole with how big it is. William is playing around with the strings of the purple jacket, looking like a five-year-old in the process. Gabe is laughing at him, the two leaning against Sisky's car, their bodies touching. Gabe smiles as he checks his phone, William looks over to see a girl with black hair doing kissy faces in the cameras.

"Who's that?" William asks, dumbfounded.

"Vicky-T. She's kinda an asshole, but her dad is some big movie producer in the city. She's at NYU." Gabe explains, William raises his eyebrow, giving Gabe a 'please elaborate' face. "She knows a friend of mine, we aren't even that close. Did you have anyone back in Chicago?"

It comes out of nowhere really. It's just there. The question killing William inside, realizing how he's 17 and only has gone on a handful of dates.

"N-No, I mean I had friends, I just didn't care about anybody that much," William says, Gabe opens his mouth, but something stops him.

"WILLIAM, GET THE FUCK IN THE CAR!" Adam yells unlocking the car doors and running towards the car, shirt almost unbuttoned all the way. William rushes to get in the car. Gabe opens the door for him and everything.

"I'll see you later," William says, Gabe nods and flees off, while Adam is still running towards the car. Once Adam and William get off school grounds, Adam sighs, hitting his head on the steering wheel.

"What happened?" William asks.

"Nothing happened."

"Adam," William pushed, rolling his eyes. "What happened?" He asks again searching for an answer. Sisky started to drive home.

" Lindsay and I were just making out in the classroom, and-stop giving me that look William!" Sisky exclaimed mid-sentence once he glanced at William. William rolled his eyes, but stopped glaring at Sisky.

"Anyway, a teacher started talking about how he was going to take us to The Principal's office, and so I just - I started to run." Sisky pulls into the driveway of his house. They stay in the car for a moment, appreciating the silence.

William breaks it first by laughing like a maniac, "You're mom's gonna kill you!"

Sisky slaps his arm, "Don't you dare bring it up!"He threatens, and William just walks out getting his backpack off the car floor.


"Adam," Alice says to Sisky in a serious tone, Sisky looking up with a guilty face.

"Yes, mom?" He asks.

"Go tell your brother to pick up some sandwiches from the deli, William you're going too." She points at the two, William goes on to put on his shoes.

"Adam, go put on your nice clothes, your father's coming from his business trip. Adam goes upstairs stomping and groaning that he'll probably be wearing a polo shirt for the rest of the night.

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