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Pen Your Pride


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Just don’t talk to me

Don’t get near me

Don’t try to say hello

Don’t act like nothing happened

Just go away

Don’t text me

Don’t call me

Don’t speak my name cause you don’t have the honor or dignity to anymore

Don’t say you’re sorry

Don’t smile at me

Don’t try and tell me a joke

Don’t say you love me cause I know it’s a lie

Don’t ask for a hug from me

Just go find someone else to be your toy

Don’t ask for any favors

Don’t act like you didn’t hurt me cause you know you did

You watched me cry over you

Don’t tell everyone that I’m crazy

Cause I know that your crazier than me

Don’t act like I’m not there

You know I am

Don’t yell or scream at me when karma punches you in the face

Don’t say that nothing happen between us

You know what we did together

Don’t tell me to go die in a hole

Cause I’ve already been rotting in there since the day you left

Don’t tell a bunch of lies

You’ve hurt me enough already

I don’t want you to do a lot of things but you know the truth

I actually want you to do those things

Cause I miss you…and still love you

And that’s way you don’t

Just so you can watch me die inside

So please…talk to me

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