Forever and Always

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As she sat at his knees with wet hair and mascara running down her face, Hayley cried icy tears that trickled down her flushed cheeks. He looked at her silently and intently, the intensity in Lewis' blue eyes pierced right through hers.

"I shouldn't have come, I'm so sorry, please, don't look at me," Hayley sobbed, "I look terrible!" Lewis shook his head slowly and bent down until he was close to her ear. He brushed her damp, brown hair over her ear and whispered to her,

"You are beautiful," Lewis pressed his lips gently on her pale, soft cheek. Her dreams had come true.

Tossing and turning in bed that night, Hayley could not let go of those few moments she felt so special, so wanted, loved truly for the first time in a long time. Goosebumps rose to the surface of her skin as she imagined his lips against hers. She let her imagination run wild and it soon lead her into her dreams, sweet dreams.

Sunday came and left in a hurry, it was Monday that Hayley had waited for since that Friday night outside his house. First period dragged on as usual and as soon as the bell rang she was up and out of the classroom and into the overcrowded corridors, in search of his bright, blue eyes. When it came, she felt warm and delighted the feeling of pure and blissful happiness. It was him, this feeling that overpowered her senses, was caused by Lewis' enchanting presence.

He swaggered towards her and stopped only a few centimetres away from her, Hayley could feel the warmth of his body drawing her closer. Lewis scooped her up in a hug that nearly took her breath away. She never wanted that to end, that tender embrace. But he pulled away, just enough to face her. His cool, minty breath wisped across her forehead. Lewis stared at her, lovingly; a smile broke across his face. She loved that smile, that familiar smile. It reminded her of their childhood, how long she had known him and how long she had liked him. This felt like a fairy-tale to her, it was almost too good to be true. He put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her on the lips, gently but passionately. Hayley felt her heart flutter. Those few seconds felt like hours. Lewis let her go and hugged her one last time,

"Call you later okay?" he managed to say before disappearing into the crowd. She felt like she was on cloud nine.

He moved across the bridge near her house with his mum, Ms Parker, when he was only five. That was the day when he met her. She was short, had long brown hair that hung in her face when she looked down at the ground and the most exquisite, emerald green eyes. She was extremely shy but he didn't mind that. She was sweet, kind and cute. Her high cheek bones, always a bright shade of pink. They went to pre-school together later that year, she was his only friend because he was new and spoke differently from the rest of them. Lewis had moved from London to South Africa and had a strong English accent. The children used to call him names but he eventually got used to it. Once he went to Junior Primary he met his best friend, Nathan, Nate for short. They did everything together but he and Hayley made a deal, a pinky-promise that they would be best friends forever, no matter what happened.

"Forever and Always." Lewis said sweetly. The school wasn't far from their houses so the two of them, hand in hand, walked to school and back every day for the rest of grade 1. They spent the holidays with their families, having some time apart. When Lewis got back, Hayley and him had grown apart, they were still friends but he could no longer hold her hand because, "Girls give you cooties."

She must have checked her cell phone about eight times that afternoon.

"He said he would call later," she thought out loud,

"When is that later exactly?" She wondered if he had forgotten about her already, if this thing she thought was love was just a fling.