She raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"Things ... a woman might need?" he repeated. "Combs? Ornaments for your hair? Powder? Other ... things?"

"You could undress again and let your hair down," Shao Wan said, "a woman might need that."

He rolled his eyes at her and she laughed. "Send one of your boys for toiletries when you have them fetch the ingredients for my potion. But now, a woman needs food."

"Follow me," Mo Yuan said. He took Fong Hung off his foot and tried to place him back in his bowl, but the toad struggled with all its might and even tried to bite him with his tiny teeth. Shao Wan went over and took her pet from his hand, stuffing him down her bodice.

"He doesn't like you," she said. "Funny, Fong Hung was always very fond of you before."

"I told you it keeps watching us all the time. Are you sure you want to put it there?"

"Why, are you jealous of a toad now?" she laughed at his face and quickly strode after him when he walked towards the cave entrance, making the barrier disappear with a flick of his wrist.

"You should put him into the lotus pond," Mo Yuan suggested as they walked past it, "it should be beneficial for him."

Shao Wan thought that was an excellent idea. She fished Fong Hung out of her bosom - the little rascal tried to cling to her dress with his hands - and put him into the water, near the most beautiful lotus flowers. "I will bring you some flies later," she said, "if there are any on such a holy mountain. We will make you grow back to your old size in no time."

Mo Yuan watched her press a kiss on the toad's head with a slight frown and then took her to the kitchen, where he told her to sit down at a little table. The Mountain was deserted, not a single boy in white to be seen anywhere. Maybe she had scared them away for good, Shao Wan thought, quite pleased. Mo Yuan wouldn't have had to have dresses made for her.

It dawned on her then that Mo Yuan must have been the one to sanction his disciples' fool's errand. The sneaky bastard. He had expected her to succumb to his charms. He really was her most formidable opponent.

She looked at him standing at the stove. She imagined both of them naked and her sneaking up on him from behind, undoing his hair and seeing how fast she could get him him to take her on that worktop over there. So far, she couldn't complain - she basically only needed to flash him a teasing look and he would react immediately, like someone starving for much too long.

He turned, sadly fully dressed, presenting her with a bowl and chopsticks.

"What is this?"

"Raw meat. I got it from the mortal realm."

"Ye heavens! Kunlun Mountain might shake you off for defiling it!"

She was joking, but Mo Yuan looked like he indeed felt guilty for committing some some kind of sacrilege. Typical: Celestials were intimidated about everything, especially Fate. She took the bowl and the chopsticks from his hand and started to eat.

"What's this taste?" she asked, with her mouth full.

"It would upset your stomach to eat raw meat without the right balance of spices. You are still recuperating. I also added a raw egg."

She first gaped at him, then continued to eat, slowly, to make sure she tasted it properly. She would have liked to complain, but it was surprisingly good.

"Do you want some wine with it?" he asked, seemingly pleased she didn't spit his food out.

"You are behaving strangely," she observed, narrowing her eyes. "Do you want something from me? You can just ask."

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