Chapter One: Sage's Problem

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"Sage. Come on, Sage it's time to get up." The soft shaking along with the soothe voice was not helping me with waking up. In fact it made me want to continue sleeping.

"Five more minutes..." I mumbled, turning over so my face was in the pillow.

"Sage! We are already late as it is. Liam's gonna be pissed!" The voice continued, still shaking my shoulders. He really wasn't trying anymore.

"Please..." I mumbled into the soft, fluffy pillow. I was fully awake now, just had no desire to leave the warm bed for the cold air that seemed to nip at exposed ears.

"Sage..." He whined, knowing I was at least half awake. I couldn't help but laugh into the pillow, turning my head to face his, finding messy black hair coating his face.

"Why do you keep your house so freezing!" I questioned as I reached out to brush the hair from his eyes. To my surprise he flinched, causing me to retract my hand, my eyes scanning his hidden face.

"It's not my choice, it's my mom's." He grinned, grabbing my wrist and pulling me up and out of the bed. Hiro seemed to have gone back to normal... but I couldn't get that out of my head, never had he done such a thing to me. "Let's go, your clothes are in the bathroom, Liam should be here in a few minutes." He spoke as he ushered me into his own private bathroom, leaving me to change as I figured he would do the same in his room. This gave some time to do something I hated to do; think.

This hadn't been the first time Hiro had avoided my touch, even Liam was starting to too. They had been acting strange around me for some time now, it was like they were keeping secrets from me. Secrets that weren't suppose to be kept between best friends.

"Sage! Liam's here!" I took that as my que to finish by throwing on the over sized hoodie and flared jeans Hiro had provided me. Just as I pulled my hair through the hole the door opened, finding myself staring into the eyes of Hiro's older brother, Kazuki.

"Morning Kazu. Whatcha doing in Hiro's room?" I asked, slightly taken aback due to the fact that he was inside of his brother's room. "Kazu?" I said with worry as I waited for him to answer.

"Kazu! Did you find it yet?" I gave a sigh of relief at the sound of Hiro's voice drawing closer. "Kazu-! Oh, Sage what are you still doing? Come on, Liam's getting pissed." Thankfully Hiro took my hand and brushed past his brother leading me out of the house. "If you can't find it, ask mom!" He called just as the door closed behind me.

"Sage! Hiro! What the hell took you so long!" Liam growled as I jumped in the back seat and Hiro taking shot gun. "You are so lucky Coach didn't want to have a morning workout today or you both would have been screwed!" It didn't take that long to get to the school, only about three of four minutes before we reached the parking lot that the students used.

"I'm sorry! I promise to make it up to the both of you later!" I said, giving them both a quick hug before leaving them to lock the car up. I couldn't afford to be late to my first period unlike those two. My Economic teacher truely hated me for some odd reason. He called on me way to often and always seemed to glare at me whenever I entered his room or left it. He always found an excuse to embarrass me infront of the entire class. I don't know how many times I had flushed during first period because of him.

"Miss Sage. May I ask why you are so late?" I felt his narrowed eyes glare at me from my lowered head. "Well since you have no excuse, would you please take a seat? I'll need to speak to you after class." At that moment, everyone began to snicker as I walked passed, someone even tried to trip me just for the fun of it. That was what people saw me as, a laughing stalk, and there was nothing I could do to change it.