Chapter 16-wow-

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Sky's pov-
"Wow you really don't know how to love one person at a time" I said
"I-I'm sorry" he said
"Sorry isn't gonna fix this" I said
-3 hours earlier-
"Hey Daniel" I asked
"Where was zach last night" I ask
"Oh right he was uh umm getting you that puuppy" he said the last part long and high pitched
"Oh you lying son of a b-" I was about to say until
"Hey guys I brought home pizza" zach screamed
"What kind" I asked
"Oh hey sky and pepperoni" he said
"Ok" I said grabbing a piece
"Zach come here" I heard a girl scream
Just then all the boys looked at each other with the uh oh face
"Who was that" I asked
Walking upstairs
"Oh uh no one don't worry about it" zach said
"Oh that doesn't sound like no one" I said about to open his door when the girl said again
"Come on I want a kiss" she sounded like she was either 15 or 16 so then I walked in the room to see a girl with shorter brown hair and brown eyes
"And who are you" I asked
"Oh um hey I'm Savannah and who are you" she asks
"My names sky and I'm Zach's girlfriend" I said thinking she was one of the other boys girlfriends
"No I'm Zach's girlfriend" she said confused
"Is that so" I said turning to zach
"I can explain" he said
"No you can't so this is goodbye forever and we are over" I said calmly walking out the door to the living room
"Did you guys know" I ask
"Yes we did but we didn't tell you cause we found out when you found out you were gonna see kane brown and we didn't want to ruin your happiness" Corbyn said
"Oh well to late for that" I said turning to the front door and walking out
-present time-
Right now Zach is trying to make me believe it wasn't his fault
"Wow you really don't know how to love on person at a time" I said
"I-I'm sorry" he said
"Sorry isn't gonna fix this" I said
Grabbing his wrist and shoving him out of my and Logans apartment
"What just happened" Ayla asked
"He cheated on me AGAIN" I said
"Oh I'm s-"
"No I don't need pitty  right now alright I'll be back" I said
"Alright be safe" she said
"Always" I said running out of the door to the one person I know that got cheated on more than once
"Omg hey SKYLAR!!" she said hugging me
"Hey Alissa I missed you so much" I said almost crying hugging her! So you see she didn't go back on to team 10 because they wouldn't let her and it was too painful to see Jake
"So what do you need babe" she asked me
"Yeah so you know zach" I said Petting London
"Yeah" she said
"Well he cheated on me twice" I said
"Omg are you ok" she asked
"I don't know I feel ok physically but mentally I don't know" I said to her
"You feel broken don't you" she asked
"I think so" I said looking at her
"Well if it helps you, you can stay here with me and rice and faze clan" she said
"Ok yeah that would be great" I said
"Ok well then you can stay in Alexs' room" she said
"Alright" I said
"I have to get my things from Logans house tho I'll probably stay for a week that ok?" I asked
"Yes totally fine" she said
"Cool" I said

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