The Sickness-fighting Frenchman!| Hamilsquad(Lams and Mullette)

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"Lafayette, please eat your soup!" John begged, holding a spoon up to my mouth. I watched him pout and throw a tantrum when I put the spoon back in the bowl. "Petite, you can't cook..." I mumbled, watching him glare at me. "I can! I just... break things... that's besides the point! The soup is good and you're sick, so it shouldn't even matter! You're gonna get better if you eat it, Laf!" John pouted. I rolled my eyes and smiled, picking up the spoon and eating the soup.

Again, as I've said, John can't cook.

"Did you like it?!" John asked excitedly. "Yes!" I lied. John's eyes lit up as I spoke. "Thank you, Laffy!" John squealed and ran out of the room. I really don't know how he's twenty four...

"Hey, Laf." I heard Alex greet. "Hey... Your boyfriend is too sweet and cute to be told the truth." I muttered. Alex smiled. "Yeah, He's like a kid... but I love him." He hummed, placing a bottle of pills and a liquid on my bedside table. "What-?" "Pick your poison, Laffy. It's either a solid or a liquid." Alex hummed. I picked up the pills and gave him a confused look. "Pills..?" I asked. "Okay, John! Can you get water!" Alex called, earning a 'yes' from the little Petite himself.

John came up, set a glass of water down on my table, kissed Alex's cheek and left. He probably went down to play with their toddler, Philip. When Alex and John found out I was sick, they picked Philip up from daycare and took the week off of work. A little to protective, but it's sweet that they care.

Alex took two pills out of the bottle and made me take them. Afterwards, John came up with Philip in his arms. "Uncle Laffy! Un, duex, twa!" Philip cooed. John smiled and put Philip down to let Pip stumble to me. "Papa said that you felt bad... Hugs always help!" He told me, hugging my arm in both of his little hands. I smiled and kissed his head. "Thank you sweetie... Laffy is sick and Mama and Papa should take you home." I hummed.

John sat at the edge of my bed and let Philip crawl into his lap. "But you need to be taken care of!" John whined. I smiled. "Well, Hercules is coming home soon. And he can make just as good soup as you!" I lied: he can make better soup. That's one reason why I love John, but he can't take care of me. John looked down and played with Philip's hair. " was my soup, wasn't it..?" He asked. Alex and I started laughing at his disappointment. "Non, I just know how tiring it is to take care of a baby, Alex and yourself." I hummed.

Alex gave me an offended look. "John doesn't take care of me! I take care of him, Philip and myself because I am a man!" He argued. I had to laugh at that.

"I'm home, Baby-Cakes! I have Beauty and The Beast, Aspirin and Hot tea here for you!" Hercules called through the house. John gave me an upset look. "I wanna be your nurse... I'm hotter..." he told us, jokingly. Philip covered John's mouth and shook his head. "Mama, don' say that!" Philip scolded as John giggled under his baby's hands. "Okay, Pippy... ready to go home?" John asked. Philip nodded and waved to me. I waved back and thanked Alex and John before they left.

Afterwards, Hercules came up to our room with a tray. The tray held a bowl of soup, Beauty and the Beast, Hot tea, a Hot rag and a cold rag. I smiled as he set the tray down on my bedside table, stacking John's soup bowl on the tray.

"John?" He asked, motioning to the bowl. "How'd you guess?" I asked. "I can smell the cinnamon from here..." he sighed, "Does he even know how to make toast? Or Ramen? Or even a sandwich?!" I smiled and kissed Hercules's cheek. "Leave Petite alone... let's just make sure he doesn't feed Philip..." I sighed. Hercules chuckled as he picked up the disc of Beauty and the Beast, but agreed, put the movie in and sat on the bed with me. I leaned my head against his chest as we watched the opening of Beauty and the Beast.

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