❤️ chapter 8

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Hey guys Angela here so this chapter is a sex scene just to tell you guys that and this is my fost time writing a sex scene so if it bad do not be mad...........................................

"You know I love you with my life right" I nod my head because he dose love me with is life he starts to sucking on my neck. He starts to kissing down my neck all the why to my nipple he starts sucking on it. "Mmmm" I can not help but to moan and get in to this he knows what to do to me. I but my hand on my mouth to stop my moaning " do not do that baby I want hear all the sounds you make because of me." I can feel that my pants are getting tight shit I'm getting hard I need to stop this " Oliver?" I push is head off my chest. " What baby why did you stop me" "I-I think we should stop I love you but I don't think we should do this right now" he lends into my ear and whispers. " See you say you love me but I don't believe you so I'm going to show you how much you love me and my cock." He starts to kiss my neck again then he buts his knee up to my crotch I moan he laughs on my neck then he goes back to my ear and whispers. " Hey baby see you want me and your body wants me to." He said then he sits up and takes his pants off and throws them across the room now he is in his red tight boxers. His burg is more tighter then user so I know that he is getting hard lets just say he has a big one when it is soft. Then he puts one knee to my right hip then the other one to my left he starts checking me out then he made eye contact with me and licks his lips. Oh my god he is so hot I need him I know that I shouldn't but I want him so bad he I lick my lips I know that he tuned me on because I can feel my pants getting more tighter then before. He notice that my pants are getting tight and that I'm checking him out he grins. Then he lends down and start to sucking on my left nipper then he puts his left hand on my rib cage.

And then he puts his right fagers on my right nipple and starts to squeezing it. I moan and arch my back a litter bit I don't care if my back harts like a bitch I'm so in to this right now. He take his hand from my right nipper and runs his hand down my stomach to the top of my pants. I moan again I know that I'm fully hard by now he puts his hand on top of my pants then he unbuckle them. He runs a finger down my cock as he unzips my pants I moan "oliv-oliver" I say it in a breath list voice. I can feel him grin on my nipper then he sticks his hand in my boxers and he grabs my cock and starts to going up and down. I moan he starts to sucking my nipper harder I reach my hands out and grab my bed sheets. Then he going up and down faster I start moaning then I retch out and grab his heir and say "O-Oliver I-I'm a-about t-to c." Before for I can say it he stops and he lifts his head and said " do you need me baby?" I look at him in shock " w-what?" " Do you need my cock to get you off baby" y-yes O-Oliver" I say " yes what I don't know what you are saying baby you need to tell daddy what you want." is he really doing this right know "I-I n-need y-you oliv-oliver" he grins at me and said " what do you need from daddy" " p-please O-Oliver I-I n-need y-you t-to f-fuck m-me p-please" "ok but what is my name?" His grin gets beiger I need him so bad so I whisper " I n-need you da-daddy"" sorry what was that baby" he puts his right hand to his right ear " da-daddy please fu-fuck me!" "Hmmm sorry I can not hear you baby" " DADDY I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME REALLY GOOD" I yell he grins at me and say " ohhh so that's what you needed you should just say so I can do that for you baby."

He said then he pulls off his boxers he is really hard then pulls my pants off and my boxers at the same time. He grabs my hips and pull me to him I can feel his tip on my hole when i realis he dose not have a condom on so I put my hand on his chest and say. " O-Oliver p-please p-put a-a c-condom o-on" " no i don't think so baby this is your punishment for how you tredid me today." Before I can say something he thrust in to me it feels so good he goes right to my sweet spot he starts to go in and out slow and moans. He his going to slow for me so I say " p-please g-go f-fast O-Oliver" I say in a moan then he pulls out of me I look him and he makes eye contact with me and said " do you love me?" "y-yes I-I l-love y-you o-oliver p-please." " Are you going to live me?" "n-no I-I s-swear I-I w-will n-not l-live y-you p-please d-daddy I-I n-need y-you." He grens then he grabs my left leg and thrust in to me he gose in and out heard. I'm moaning his name I'm getting so close and I can tell he is getting close to because he is moaning more and more so I say to him " O-Oliver I-I'm a-about t-t-to. "When I say that he puts his hand under my back and grabs my shoulder and pulls me up off the bed then he grabs my other leg I wrap my legs around him he pulls my body even closer to him. He thrust three more time then I come all over him then he stats to moaning more loud then he thrust in to me one more time then. I can feel something hot and wet in me then he falls on top of me it hart but i do not say anything then he said. " luck I love you so much do not try to leave me again please your my life I love you so much"

Will guys i tried I think it came out ok so i hope it was good comment and tell me if is was and vote. I have a nether story called monster i t is a boyxboy too if you like this one you are going to like that one so check it out will bye-bye for now...............................................................

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