A Space Apart

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I tell the driver my location.
"Same location as the girl I just dropped there, huh." The uber says, as he starts driving
"W-wait. What?" I ask, totally confused
"Yeah. I just dropped a girl named Shelby there. She seemed pretty sad. She had tears running down her face. Do ya know her?"
"I-I do know her... She's my girlfriend."
"Oh. What happened? Did y'all get into a fight or something?" He asks me
"No... More of an unexpected ex girlfriend situation."
"Ahh. Well, I hope you fix your situation, sir. You seem to love her a lot, if you're heading to her place, right after I just came back."
"I do love her... Way too much. But I have no problem with it. She's my... World. My only world." I say, with a small smile
"That's adorable sir."
"Will. Call me Will."
"Alright, Will. We're here. Now go get your girl back." He says with a smile
"Thanks." I pay him, and give him a $5 tip.
I rush out of the uber, and start to rush up to her apartment

"Young love is adorable."

I finally make my way up to Shelby's apartment. I open the door. It wasn't locked... I hope nothing has happened. I look at her living room, she isn't there. I go into Gizzy's room. Not there either. I scan the kitchen, and bathrooms. Not there. I head towards her bedroom, and her door is locked.
"Shelby! It's me Will! Let me in!" I knock on her door repeatedly
No answer
"Shelby, please!" I attempt to unlock her door with the spare apartment key. It wasn't successful.
"Shelby! I love you and only you! There's nothing going on between Avery and I! You are the one for me. You're my world. You're the one I wanna collab with when we play Minecraft! You're the one who I'll make irl vids with for the views! You're the one who I wanna spend my life with!"
No answer...
"Shelby, please..." I lay my head on her door

All these things... That he was saying... Were sweet. But I'm not ready to give up yet. I love him, a lot. But I don't wanna give in. My heart was still broken. It hasn't even been a whole week, and it's been broken twice. The repair was taking a little longer than last time. My heart needed to heal, before I opened up that door.
I walks towards my door. I sit on the floor, and lay my head against it.

She hasn't opened the door. I understood why. Her heart was broken twice in such a little amount of time. Hearts take time to repair. They are what keeps you going. It hurt not being with her. It hurt so much even if we were just A Space Apart.
I continue to lay my head against her door. Hoping that she'd soon open up the door, with open hands. I'll wait here, as long as I need to.

~Many hours later~

I walk into Shelby's apartment, and see Will asleep, leaned against Shelby's bedroom door. Seeing him like that, made me feel terrible. Maybe Shelby, just needed some time. I put a plate of pizza near Will, so when he ever woke up, he'd have something to eat. I head into Gizzy's room, and go onto Twitter. Once I was done, I went to sleep, after such a drama filled day.

I hope Will and Shelby are okay. They're too much of a compatible couple to break up so soon.

They'll be fine, Parker. I know neither of them would give up so easily on their relationship. Why am I talking in third person? Because it's your thoughts, Parker. Oh yeahhhh.

Shelby 1:00am
I'm sure everyone is asleep. And I think my heart is fully repaired now. All the things he said were now permanently in my heart. His words were used as bandages to help keep my heart together. I open up my bedroom door, and see him asleep, with his head against one of my double doors.
"Will. Wake up." I whisper
His eyes open slowly
"Shelby! I'm sorry for what you had to go through." He pulls me into a tight hug
"All the things I said are true. You won't have to worry about any girl that comes up to me, because I'm completely happy with you." He whispers back
My heart began to melt. I had no words.
I pulled away from his hug, and gave him a passionate kiss.

After that passionate kiss. Shelby invited Will into her room, and they both fell asleep. (Keeping it PG, bros)
Will was happy that Shelby forgave him, because he wouldn't know what to do without her. She was everything to him.

Yay! The drama has been resolved. It shows how much they love each other... How sweet!
Anyways, tysm for reading, and sticking with me throughout this fanfic💙❤️
Y'all are incredible jars of jam💜
P.S. #Kiibble💙❤️

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