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My hands firmly gripped the steering wheel. Knuckles white, fists balled. My movements stiff, I pulled up at a nearby diner to grab a cup of coffee.
"Black please", I told the woman at the counter. I sat down, hands shaking as i gripped my cup.
"Are you alright there young man?", the woman asked. I just dismissed her concern with a shake of my head.
"I'm fine", I said. But god, I wasn't. I finished my drink, and headed back to my car. By now, the shock was wearing off, and I was starting to panic. Realization of what I'd done was seeping in, filling every crevice in my mind, consuming my every thought.
Stay calm.
I had to stay calm.
But all I could hear at the back of my mind was kay's last dying breath. That choked gulp of nothingness, accompanied by her death. She was gone, and there was no changing that. But what I'd done... was that really me?
Something had taken over my body, taken over my brain. I didn't kill her, but something inside of me did.
I have to hold that something back. Whatever is happening to me, I have to stop it. God,what the fuck is happening to me?

I continued on driving with a clenched jaw, tight grip and a stiff posture. I turned the radio on, and up to full blast. I didn't even like the song that was playing, but I had to try to drown out kay's desperate attempts to breath. The music didn't help at all. She was still all i could hear.

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