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      /\ June 4, 1961 /\
/\ Saturday, 6:23 pm /\
Song: Are You Lonesome Tonight?
By: Elvis Presley

I should be out partying.

That's what normal people would be
doing right about now. Going out for a
drink with some mates. Walking into a
    bar that reeked of smog and
                  horny blokes.

      I guess I'm not ordinary, for I'm strolling
the docks of Liverpool, alone.

The bright star in the sky began to
rest, letting out the winds of the night.
   It began to nip at my nose,
sending shivers down my spine.

I paused my saunter to view the sun
settle. How stunning it was, with all
the dusky grays blending in with one
another. It almost seemed as if
they where like me, taking an evening
amble. But the silvery colors had
each other, and I was still by myself.

I bet the sun set would be astonishing
in color. How I wish I could see it in
that new light. But, I know it's
not possible. Nor will it ever be.

          But a girl can dream.

Just as I was about to end my train
of thought and continue my evening
ramble, I felt a tender tap on the
shoulder. I swiftly flipped around
to find John, a mate of mine that I'd
met in a club a long while ago

His grubby hair was pooled in
sweat, along with his striking
features. This was a clear sign he'd just
been performing with his band. I've never met the lads, but John talked greatly about them. They made him happy, which made
me happy.

He took a long drag from the
cigarette clasped between his index and middle finger, the smoke wafting into the night.

"Fancy meeting you out here."

    "It's been awhile Johnny."

  He snaked his arm around my shoulders,
affixing us together. He's an attractive lad
alright, but he was more of an older brother than a possible lover.

He's always been there for me in every
situation I could think of, and I've done the
same in return. But ever since him and his
band gained popularity and unending
amounts of fame, we've been distant.
I've hated being so out of touch with John.

                 "Miss me?"

His tone was playful,
which matched the smirk on his weary
but jovial face.

I jestingly pushed him,
causing him to stumble a couple steps back.
I then bantered,

"Who me? Miss you? Don't be silly John."

He chuckled at my witty remark, then put his ciggie in between his thin chapped lips.
He circled my neck with his arm, tugging me under his knuckles for a noogie.

I squirmed and scuffled to break free from
his grasp, and once I did, I was panting, struggling to take a breath. John was having the same problem as me, except he guffawed at my appearance and tussle to hard, causing him to gasp and wheeze, trying to intake as much air as he could.

"Lennon you git! Look at my hair!"

I pointed to my now matted locks that he was the cause of.

"Don't worry Princess, you still look as alluring as ever."

He took one last puff of his cigarette, then let it fall to the ground, stomping on it to put it out. After that, he paused, and took one good look at me.

"I think I've actually made you look even better. Here, let me just mess with this bit up here..."

John then began to unkempt and tangle my hair even more. I didn't even know it was possible, but he did it.

Before he could do anymore damage, I swatted his hand away.

"Oh sod off John!"

He was getting on my nerves. I haven't seen him for God only knows how long, and he's managed to annoy me to the max in just ten minutes.

He chortled at my frustration, then embraced me in his arms.

"I've missed ye' little sis."

I simpered at his comment. He's not as tough as people think he is. He's a sweet guy under his "I'm John Lennon" mask. Maybe that's just for me though, considering I'm his soft spot.

I clutched onto him like he was the only thing keeping me standing. I then whispered,

"I've missed ye' too big brother."

He withdrew from our intimate hug, beaming with glee and satisfaction. John then grasped onto my delicate slender hand, hauling me into a random direction. I had no clue to where we were heading, but I yearned to know.

"Johnny? Where are we going?"

His grin grew wide, which only made my need to find out even stronger. He then answered,

"You're going to meet my band."

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