Twenty seven.

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It's been almost two hours since Hailey has texted me some bullshit saying she is going to meet up with Addison. I have dreaded every second of it and my stomach isn't getting better what so ever. I am hoping Addi will text me saying she understands but nothing is working in my favor.

I've been pacing around my room, texting them both like crazy. I'm not sure how many texts I have sent to either of them but I honestly don't give a damn. Hailey shouldn't be doing this and Addi shouldn't be ignoring me. She should be listening to me instead of Hailey's dumbass excuses. Hailey has no other reason to tell Addi about me other than the fact she doesn't want her hating her.

The fuck?

Who gives a flying shit?

Isn't like Addison liked you anyways, so why make amends?

All my thoughts are being consumed by what the possibilites are and what could go wrong. Time is being flown by and I am thankful cause it's just means I am getting closer to speaking to Addison.



"Guess, who spoke too soon." I say to myself and my fingers fumble with the lockscreen when I notice Addison's name across my screen.

I really don't even want to read what she has to say but yell at her for ignoring me and making me worried sick about shit. I want her to promise me she won't ever ignore me even if I do something terrible because I can't take it. Specially the distance, it kills me.

"Why in the hell do you have me blocked on Instagram?" Her text message cuts right through me and I have to close my eyes to stop my head from spinning.

I knew she would soon see that I did block her, but I was only hoping to push it off as much as I can.

Looks like another thing is adding to the list.



I am not mad but I am upset at the fact Mike has me blocked on Instagram. Everything bad is washing over me and I have the worst scenerio in my head as to why he does.

Maybe he doesn't want you commenting or liking his photos so his girl "friends"  won't see.

I feel my head getting lighter and the knots in my stomach getting tighter. I hate how everything can't be okay for a while, all this shit keeps coming and coming.

Not anymore.


I am waiting for Mike's face to pop up while I go over what I need to say. I have rehearsed this only a thousand times since I told him to cam me in 30 minutes. I have a outline and so many points I have to get acrossed to him and I will get answers.

His face pops up and I get a slight tingle in my heart by seeing his face but it is quickly shot down when I think about the situation we are in right now. I want to punch him at him hiding stuff from me, but then again I want nothing more than to kiss and hold him as he plays FIFA.

"Addi." He says and I can't muster up a smile.

"Hi." I simply say and I can tell he has so many thoughts running through his head, but I need to speak first. 

I will speak first.

"Mike we need to talk, I am sick of this. No more bullshit. As much as I care about you, I can't keep doing this with you. It's one thing after another and it always seems to be dealing with a female. If you don't want me, so be it but you won't keep doing this to me." I am already flushed by what I just said. I'm no longer sad more angry than anything, and I can't breadkdown again. I can't.

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