The Sealed Well

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They were all riding on Hachi's back as he flew them to Kaede's village in his strange yellow blimp form. Both Miroku and Inuyasha were lying down and resting. Shippo was watching Katsumi heal Inuyasha's wound. It wasn't really all that impressive in Katsumi's opinion, but she could slightly speed up the healing process for mild wounds for other youkais by giving them small doses of her own youki. It was kind of like recharging a battery. She hadn't managed to close Inuyasha's wound completely, but at least the poison from Sesshoumaru's claws had been neutralized. Katsumi sighed and laid down to rest for a bit. Inuyasha was no longer in any danger from his wounds, and she needed to catch up on her beauty sleep. Unfortunately for Miroku, this method only worked for youkais, so he had to rely on Kagome's medicine from the future and other human remedies.

"Miroku-sama, how are you feeling?" Kagome asked.

"The medicine you gave me has begun work, Kagome-sama..." Miroku replied, still sounding a little weak.

"Inuyasha, we'll be back at Kaede-obaa-chan's village soon. Are you okay?" Kagome said.

"Yeah..." Inuyasha said, his eyes still closed as he rested.

'Inuyasha actually wants to return to the village for once... He must have been wounded pretty bad,' Kagome thought worriedly.

"Thank you for taking us, Tanuki-san," Kagome told Hachi once they landed in the village, bowing politely.

"Yeah, you really saved us!" Katsumi said. There was no way she could have carried Miroku and Inuyasha in the serious condition he found them in over such a long distance and so quickly by herself.

"Your reward money," Miroku said as he handed Hachi some coins.

"They ain't tree leaves, are they, Miroku-danna?" Hachi asked, a little suspicious of such generosity from the monk.

"Well, I'll go let Kaede-obaa-san know we're back and get started on mixing more medicine for you guys," Katsumi said as she walked away. She really should get started on the medicine, but she couldn't shake the feeling something was about to happen.

"Kagome... come here for a sec," Inuyasha said as he staggered to his feet.

"Hey! You shouldn't be walking ye—!" Kagome yelled out of concern.

"Nevermind, just come," Inuyasha said as he continued walking. Kagome caught up to him, and they walked side by side. Inuyasha stopped when he realized they were being followed by Miroku and Shippo. "What're you bastards following for!?" Inuyasha shouted, kicking at them.

'... He seems to be better off than I thought. I really have to make sure he thanks Katsumi-chan properly,' Kagome observed, sweat-dropping.

"Whoa! What's his problem?" Shippo asked Miroku as they watched Inuyasha and Kagome walk off.

"The Bone-eating Well...?" Kagome asked, slightly surprised when she saw where Inuyasha had led her. Inuyasha plopped down onto the ground beside the well and sighed. "Inuyasha?"

"Kagome... how are you feeling? You're... injured, aren't you?" Inuyasha said.

"Eh? I think I got a bump... but it's no big deal," Kagome said.

"Sorry about that... I got you into an awful situation..." Inuyasha said regretfully. Kagome blinked and stared at Inuyasha for a few seconds before kneeling down beside him and holding her hand against his forehead to check his temperature.

"Inuyasha... You're acting really weird. Do you have a fever or something?" she asked, genuinely concerned.

"That jerk, Inuyasha," Shippo whispered as he and Miroku hid and watched the couple from a distance. "What's he intending to do after taking Kagome so deep into the forest?"

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