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Katsumi's eyes widened in horror when she realized the blade of her katana had completely snapped in half, but before Sesshoumaru could finish her off, Inuyasha came out of nowhere and swiped at him with his claws. Sesshoumaru dodged.

"I've had just about... enough!" Sesshoumaru said coldly as he attacked Inuyasha.

"Yaaaah!" Inuyasha yelled as he blocked Tessaiga with its own sheath. Energy crackled between the sword and sheath, neither giving an inch.

'He's resisting Tessaiga!' Sesshoumaru thought, surprised. Unlike with the previous blow, Sesshoumaru had struck Inuyasha with his full strength; so anything used to block Tessaiga should have been obliterated. 'That's the sheath of the Tessaiga!'

"Heh, heh! Thanks a lot, Katsumi. Watching you gave me a good idea!" Inuyasha said cockily.

'Oh, so he went to get the sheath,' Katsumi thought. She sighed in relief. 'For a moment there, I thought I was a goner...'

Just a short distance away, Jaken gasped for air when he popped up out of the dead oni debris.

"I was just about to be killed by Sesshoumaru-sama!" the unnerved imp said, paling slightly. "Even more than the monk's heavenly power... Sesshoumaru-sama's disregard for ally or foe when he kills... is a hundred times more frightening. Oh, dear... I fear for the future—Heeeee!?" Jaken squeaked in surprise when he felt Miroku's hand grab his head. Shippo coughed as he pulled himself out of the rubble too. "You...!" Jaken said.

"Something really bothers me," Miroku said. "We have never met, yet it's as though you had those insects just to trap me. What's going on!?" he demanded.

"Huh!? Well... err... actually..." Jaken stuttered as he reached behind him to grab his staff. Shippo saw.

"Miroku!" Shippo shouted in warning as Jaken raised the staff and fired. Literally.

"Wha—!" Miroku cried in surprise as he fell backwards trying to avoid the flames. He tumbled down the slope of oni remains and landed hard at the bottom.

"Miroku!" Shippo cried as he hopped down after the already injured monk. Jaken laughed.

"A weak monk and a puny Kitsune child... I, Jaken, can handle you alone!" the imp declared mockingly as Miroku and Shippo glared at him.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru were still locked in battle.

"You hope to resist me with the sheath, huh?" Sesshoumaru said as he pushed a bit harder, forcing Inuyasha to slide backwards a little. Katsumi stayed behind Inuyasha, watching his back in case things took a turn for the worse. Katsumi wasn't sure how much help she would be now that her katana was useless, though... She wasn't as good at fighting using her claws.

"Well, this is no ordinary sheath!" Inuyasha retorted. "You'll see soon... when I crack open that head of yours!" Katsumi heard Shippo crying out in distress.

"Inuyasha, it sounds like the others need help! I'm useless here, so I'm gonna go have a look! Yell if you're in trouble!" she said as she dashed off.

"Keh! As if I'd yell for help!" Inuyasha scoffed.

"Take this, Kitsune Yojutsu!" Shippo yelled as he threw everything in his little bag of tricks at Jaken.

"Stupid things!" Jaken said irritably as he swatted them aside.

"Illusory top!" Shippo yelled as he unleashed the biggest attack.

"Fool!" Jaken yelled as he swatted it away too.

"Dang it! My power isn't enough..." Shippo said in dismay.

"Go, Shippo! Nevermind me!" Miroku said.

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