Underdog Vs. Topdog

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"Hn. You again..." Sesshoumaru said. "I thought you had more sense than to challenge someone so far above your own level, but it seems I was mistaken." Katsumi frowned at him.

"Well, sorry to disappoint, Sesshoumaru-sama, but even if it's stupid, I refuse to run away when a friend's in danger!" she retorted tartly. "Don't look down on me. I might not have an awesome sword, but I'm not weak."

"Stupid! Get out of the way! He's gonna kill you!" Inuyasha yelled.

"You're the stupid one!" Katsumi shot back at him. "You're the one that stayed to fight even though he totally kicked your ass last time!" The corner of Sesshoumaru's mouth twitched up into an almost imperceptible smirk.

"WHAT!?" Inuyasha growled.

"I can't stay quiet any longer," Miroku said as he stepped in front of both Inuyasha and Katsumi. "Enough of this silly sibling rivalry." Kagome and Shippo came up to stand behind them.

'Thank goodness, Miroku, our 'ace' is here,' Katsumi thought. She knew what Miroku had in mind, but despite the fact that she did indeed most definitely want to live, she also didn't like the thought of Sesshoumaru dying. 'I'm just chock full of contradictions, aren't I?'

"H-Hey!" Inuyasha said.

'Hmm? That monk...?' Sesshoumaru thought.

"Stay back, Miroku!" Inuyasha said stubbornly as he stepped back in front of everyone.

"Inuyasha!" Katsumi hissed in annoyance. 'Don't you get it, Inuyasha!?' she thought.

"You can't handle this alone!" Miroku said firmly as he stepped in front again.

"Shaddup! Get behind me!" Inuyasha said. Katsumi pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. He just didn't get it. How slow could he be? Kagome sweat-dropped and laughed with a thinly veiled exasperation.

"Don't be so stubborn!" Katsumi yelled at Inuyasha.

"What did you say, wench?" he snarled.

"Call me that one more time, and I'm gonna kick your ass!" Katsumi growled.

"Is that the monk Naraku mentioned?" Jaken wondered out loud as he watched them from his perch on the red oni's shoulder. He remembered Naraku saying that there would be a young monk with Inuyasha, and that he could prove to be even more troublesome than Inuyasha himself. "Hah! He looks like a mere mortal to me," Jaken huffed. He tapped the oni's shoulder with his staff, and the youkai lurched forward. Kagome and Shippo jumped slightly in surprise at the sudden movement. "Sesshoumaru-sama, please leave this monk to me!" Jaken said, eager to serve his lord. "No sense in wasting your time with him." Katsumi sweat-dropped.

'Wow, we're really being severely underestimated here, huh?' she thought, feeling chagrined.

"That's true. I'll just watch," Sesshoumaru said coolly.

"Onward! Smash them!" Jaken commanded the red oni.

"Everyone, get back!" Miroku yelled as he dashed forward and removed the prayer beads from his cursed hand. "Heaven's wrath!"

Miroku held his wind tunnel in front of him to suck up the huge oni. Sesshoumaru actually gasped in surprise at the force of the monk's mini-blackhole, and leaped further back for safety. He wedged Tessaiga into the ground so he could have something to use as leverage to keep himself from being sucked in.

"N-N-No! Stop!" Jaken yelled in panic as he frantically tried to avoid being sucked in along with the oni.

"Heavenly power! It's the wind tunnel!" Shippo cheered.

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