: Thinking of You

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{ after first meeting }

Naruto Uzumaki

"They were really cute. I wonder if I could impress them with my rasengan."

Sasuke Uchiha

"Hn. They're pretty cute, and not a fangirl... thats.. different."

Kakashi Hatake

"A pretty person like that.. who reads? And I thought the perfect human didn't exsist."

Shikamaru Nara

"Troublesome, but there's something about their attitude that I admire.."

Neji Hyuuga

"How gorgeous can a human get? Though, I'm not sure they would be accepted into the Hyuuga household."

Iruka Umino

"Wow, someone who loves kids, and loves teaching yet as gorgeous as they are.. I want to ask if they're single but I don't want to seem wierd."

Kiba Inazuka

"DAMN they're  hot! But they have this personality that doesn't even surpass their outer beauty."


"Someone who isn't scared of me like everyone else. And who loves nature."


"This person is absolutely crazy, but those are the kind of people I like."


"Damn it that BITCH is hot, but they were gone by the time I got back with that bitch of a man damn. Didn't even get their name."


"They sure knows their stuff. Got a nice body as well. Brains are more important, and they've got em."


"Gorgeous. And loves art. Wow."


"Something about the way they yelled at me made me want to kiss them and punish themwhile they were tied with my chakra strings for getting an attitude with me... I need their name"


"They're insane. I wanted them for an experiment, Y/ns  Kekki Genkai, they're able to summon the undead, the underworld. After seeing them laugh hysterically, and pointing out six major vital areas that are meant to kill, I think I have a new reason to have them. Heheheh how interesting...
Y/n will be mine. "

Pein / Nagato Uzumaki

"They're pretty not to mention they've got some serious power. So, they're a badass with a pretty face who will talk back to anyone.. nice.."

Itachi Uchiha

"Y/n is so beautiful... As always. I always had a crush on them, but I had no idea they were the one who kept leaving roses... I need to tell them the truth..."

Kisame Hoshigaki

"They aren't scared of me? But they're so beautiful! They have such a good heart.. Their favorite color is f/c and her favorite band is f/b! Wow Y/n is amazing! I don't stand a chance getting with Y/n, but maybe I'll be lucky enough to have them as a friend."

Zabuza Momochi

"Always so beautiful, always so amazing. Not one day goes by I don't think of Y/n... I hope to see them again."

Tobi / Obito Uchiha

Okay we all know hes thinking of his old team constantly.
You are no exception.

Minato Namikaze

"I'm just glad I got there in time. They were frozen, unable to even move and shaking. Y/n was really beautiful and sweet, the way they looked at the stars gave me some hope."

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