Chapter 2

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"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need, please stay forever with me! can't promise that things won't be broken but I swear I will never leave, please stay forever with me!" I grown and turn my alarm off. it's 6:00am. I sigh and get out of bed. Stupid school I can't sleep in and get my beauty sleep. I love my sleep. If I give up sleep for you, you super special.

I go into the bathroom and plug in the hair straightener. While it heats up I go into my closet to get dressed. Hmmmm I look around and wish I had mover of a choice to choose from. I finally decide to wear my dark blue skinny jeans, my black tank top, and a zip up hoodie that I got at a All Time Low concert which was AMAZING! I slide on my socks and go back to do my hair.

My hair is choppy and I had my bangs kinda in my face but not in my face is that makes sense.... I straightened my hair and applied eyeliner on the bottom and a little but on the top. I look at my self in the mirror and sigh. I walk down the stairs and see my mom and dad waiting by the door. "What are you guys doing up?" They smiled brightly at me "Well it's your first day of high school and ur gunna be a senior sooo we have a surprise for you!" my mom grabbed my hand and pulled me out side and there sits a Camaro all white with black leather seats. "Oh my god it's beautiful! Is it mine?" "Well duh! Do you like it!?" "Of corse it's beautiful and my dream car! thank you guys so much I love you!" I hugged them tightly and walked over to the drivers side. My dad tossed me the keys and I got in and drove to school.

I was going to be 10 minutes early so I chose to just drive around. My parents got me the best car ever! I'm so in love.

I pull into the parking-lot and get out everyone is looking at my car and me. I hide my face and try to ignore their stairs. I get into the school and the first thing I do is run into someone JUST MY LUCK! "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you hear let me help you pick all this up." I start picking up her books and papers. "It's okay. My fault really." she starts to help me pick everything up. I giggle and hand her her things. "My names Emma what's yours?" She looks at me and blushes "My name is Kate." Nice to meet you Kate." "nice to meet you too Emma. What class are you going too?" "English." "I'll walk you there I have that same class."

Turns out me and her have almost all the same classes except for math with is my last period and history which is my 5th period.

As I was walking out I smelt another vampire then another one. I look around but before I could do anything I felt a hand on my arm and through me into an empty classroom. "Let me go!" I try to wiggle out of their hold. "Stop wiggling!" A deep voice says and it sent shivers up my spine but in a good way. I turn around to see one of the hottest guys I've ever seen.

He had dark brown shaggy hair, bright green eyes, perfect pink full lips. He's skinny yet has muscles that makes the shirt look a bit tight. He is tall has to be almost 6'2" maybe 6'3". I look back at his face and see that he is smirking at me. I look away and blush. "Why are you blushing dear?" he has a giggle to his voice. "I'm not." Saying that only made me blush harder. 'fuck!' I try to hind my face a bit harder. "What your name?" he asks as I turn back and look at him. "My name is Emma, and yours is?" "That's a pretty name and my name is Daniel." "Hi." He looks at me and smiles, then nods and walks away. I wonder if I said something wrong. I felt someone standing out side the door two amazing smells hit me. Wait TWO amazing smells what does that mean two mates? That doesn't make sense!

I run out the door but the person is gone and so is Daniel. I lean up against the wall and try to figure it out. One person can not have two mates it just doesn't work like that. I have two find these people and try to understand what is happening. I start to leave the school and the smells disappear. I think back to the way it felt when Daniel touched me, it felt funny but I also thought he was one if the hottest people I've ever seen so that could also play a role in it.

I drive home and go straight to my room. I don't want to talk to any one about this. No one can know.

[Hello lovelies c: i kinda left you all wondering who is the mystery person tht smells so fantastic?

Will you fin out next chapter who he is?


Who can one person have two mates?

Read on and u shall see!! ill up date soon I hope lol I kinda have no idea how to write this story xD but I love you all and we will see how this ends together haha]

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