1: I'm writing gabilliam in the year 2017

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William didn't care that when he came in to meet The Principal he had snow on his boots, or that he was wearing a muscle tee under his jacket. William's from Chicago. Over there it's only two seasons: winter and construction season. He's used to the heat and he's used to the cold; Jersey is no different in William's eyes.

Today is a different day though. William's actually going to go to classes, and not just say hi to The Principal and discuss his situation. So, he kind of did care as much as William Beckett could.

"You ready? Or do you need to straighten your hair?" Sisky asked, laughing at William through the hallway. William was living with Sisky's family until his parents could get their "financial troubles" sorted out.

"Come on," William said, picking up his backpack from the floor, walking down stairs. "It's whatever, let's just go."

"You aren't wearing that," a motherly voice called after him. Alice, Sisky's mother, scolded him.

"Mrs.Siska!" William pouted. She rolled her eyes. She'd raise two grown teenage boys of her own, and William was like a third son to her.

"You're going to catch a cold if you wear a t-shirt in this weather!" She tsked at William. "Put this on, and Adam, make sure he doesn't get a cold!" She demanded. William rolled his eyes and listened to his temporary mom.

Once Sisky and William started driving, Sisky explained some basic knowledge, the ins-and-outs of the school so he wouldn't be lost.

"So, there's this guy, and his name is Pete Wentz, but it's actually so weird. He has a really long name that sounds like he's next in throne!" Sisky laughed at himself, while William just gives him an 'are you okay?' look.

Sisky cleared his throat after a few seconds of silence. "Anyway, he's dating this girl named Ashlee and she's nice, or whatever, but there is this other girl Pete likes a-

"Douche!" William just had to blurt it out, the overbearing protective friend in himself coming out. "You don't have crushes on someone else while you're dating some girl!"

Sisky smiled, "I think that too, Bilvy," he ruffled William's hair and the two walked out of the car side by side.

"Did you really leave my mother's jacket in the car?" Sisky asked flatly, looking at William. William nodded as he got into the actual building.

William wears tight shirts, people got used to it at his old high school, but this is a whole different ball game. William got looks, but he didn't care, Sisky felt out of place though.

"Bill, don't care about other people, es-"

"Sisky Business!" Somebody hollered, cutting him off.

"-pecially these people..." The guy walking up to him pulled him into a quick hug. His blonde hair was all pushed up to one side and a quirky smile tugged on his lips.

"Tom, hey, what's up?" Sisky asks, smiling. Tom looks over to William, scanning him.

"Sisky, you didn't tell me you have a boyfriend. I thought you were dating that one girl?"Tom said, and William laughs, crossing his arms in the process.

"No." His voice comes out flatly. "Sisky's like a brother to me." William checked his schedule and glanced at the room numbers in the hallway they're in, eyes dancing back and forth.

"So, you're single?" Tom asks.

William nods, "But, I don't think boys from Jersey are really my thing." He says and Sisky rolls his eyes,

"We need to go, and you," Sisky pivots on his heels to face William, and points a finger at him, "can't be late on your first day." He grabs William's arm, dragging him along, and pushing people in front of him.


"Mr. Hoppus!" Gabe groans to his music history teacher, "If the Beatles really did experiment with drugs to write Lonely Hearts Club, then why didn't anybody arrest them?" He shouts.

"It was different in those times, Gabe." Mr. Hoppus averted his attention back to the rest of the class, "People in the sixties didn't care if you used drugs, they had no drug dealers back then, also they were The Beatles, and everyone loved them." Mr. Hoppus explained.

Gabe shook his head and mumbled, "I'm going to time travel and charge Ringo Starr for all he's worth." But - apparently - it was loud enough for the teacher pacing in the front of the room to hear.

Mr. Hoppus rolls his eyes and goes back to teaching about Music Conspiracy theories because it's an important part of history somehow. William walks in late to class, schedule in hand and all.

"Hi, um, sorry I'm late." He takes a small glance at all heads turned towards him. His attention seemed to be redirected back to Mr. Hoppus. " I'm new," comes from his mouth while he played with his fingers. Mr. Hoppus nods. He knows what it's like to have to adjust to a new place. He smiles at his new student.

"It's fine," the teacher said with a comforting smile. "William Beckett, right?" Mr. Hoppus asks, and William nods. "You can sit up front with the time traveler here." He pointed to Gabe. The whole class laughed at Mr. Hoppus, but Gabe sat there with his arms crossed. A stubborn look was plastered on his face. He looks like a toddler, William thought, chuckling to himself.

"For the rest of the class, you will be filling out the notes with the PowerPoint. I emailed it to each and every one of you. Use your phones please, and Pete - for the love of god - use your phone for the school work please, nothing else." Mr. Hoppus said, getting an even bigger reaction from the class, he sat down back at his desk to grade papers.

"Why'd he say that?" William asks "the time traveler," aka Gabe.

Gabe gave the boy a big grin, "Pete got his nudes leaked and it's a running joke or whatever." Gabe did this gesture with his hand that William didn't understand at all, under any circumstances.

"Can you help me with the worksheet? He didn't send it to me." William asks, and Gabe nods. For the rest of the time, the class finishes their worksheet and go into a discussion about why Jimi Hendrix leaned towards more British artists rather than American ones.

"How are you feeling? You know, like the school and classes?" Gabe asks.

William just shrugs and smiles.

"You're staying with Sisky right?" Gabe asks, and William nods.

"They're cool, I mean Jason and Sisky tease me about my hair, but it's okay," William says.

Gabe shakes his head, "It's like angelic and shit. I like your hair," he says while thoroughly inspecting it with his eyes.

Walking out the class, Gabe asks what class William has next, and he replies with Chemistry. Gabe smiles, he's going that way too. Stopping in front of the Chemistry class door William sees Sisky coming out of his class.

"Sisky! Hey, is the teacher nice?" William asks, Sisky nods.

"What's up Saporta?" Sisky asks, Gabe smiles a little.

"Fine, thanks for taking the angel off my hands, Siska." Sisky laughs, while William blushes. "Seeya, gotta learn about rocks!" Gabe leaves.

"Go to Chem, make some friends Bill," Sisky with a comforting hand on Will's shoulder.

"Thanks mom." William tone is flat, but his sarcastic smirk was still there.

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