Loki, Soulmate♥

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Like everyone else, you were born with a symbol on your wrist to match the symbol on someone else's wrist. Your soulmate's wrist.

They are like two entwined serpents.

Since you turned nineteen, it seems like all of your old classmates are getting married to their soulmates. You haven't even found yours yet.

Every night after you've done your homework and studying in your college dorm, you scour the Internet for soulmate marks like yours, but to no avail.

One night after several hours of searching through Google Images, you fall asleep at the keyboard. The next morning, you wake up with drool crusted on your cheek and hair in your face. The sun shines through the window blinds that your roommate Cathy forgot to close.

You sit up and push the messy strands of hair out of your face, accidentally flicking the computer mouse and causing the screen to flash back on.

Your eyes immediately fall on a symbol that's just like yours and you instinctively look at your wrist where your symbol is and then back at the computer screen. You click on the image and it has a tag that says, 'Loki Lauyferson'.

But Loki is an Asgardian- or a frost giant who was born in Jutenheim, to be exact. Is it even possible for a mortal to be soulmates with someone like him?

You glance over at the clock. 8:50.

Crap crap crap.

Class starts at 9.

You jump up from the desk chair quickly, pulling your dirty shirt off and pulling a cleaner one on. You grab your bag and head straight for your AP European History class, which is your first class. Maybe you can sleep a few more minutes there.

You get to class only a minute before it starts and scramble into your seat quickly, doing your best to look like you hadn't just woke up.

You barely listen throughout the whole lesson. Something about Norway and Scandinavia and that sort of stuff. But then you hear Professor Lancaster mention something about Loki.

You glance up, your eyes widening as you listen to the lesson more.

Scandinavia... or Norway... could you find Loki in those countries? Probably. But didn't he attack New York City once?

You tune out of the lesson once mention of Loki Lauyferson ceases, but you keep racking your brain for things you might know about him. You grab your things and leave the class once the prof finally dismisses you and the rest of the class.

The rest of the morning seems to drag on slowly as you go to two more classes. You're just dying to tell Cathy about the whole Loki-thing.

Finally, it's time for lunch and you meet up with Cathy, who has the bag with both of your lunches in it.

"Cathy! I have something to tell you!" you shout at her as you get to the stone table.

"You found your soulmate!?" Cathy asks you with a squeal.

You sit down, grabbing your sandwich. "Kinda," you say shyly. You feel your face go hot slightly.

"Really!? Who is it!?" Cathy grabs her own sandwich, staring at you expectantly.

"I think it's Loki Lauyferson," you say in a whisper.

Cathy pushes herself up in surprise. You knew this sort of thing would be coming from her.

"Really!? Is that even possible!?" she asks loudly.

You shush her and she recomposes herself, looking slightly embarrassed.

"I don't know," you tell her, "I don't even know where he is."

In fact, you've never really seen him apart from the few pictures of him on the Internet that Cathy had shown you when you two were just teens.

"I'll help you look for him," Cathy says with a grin.

"You will?" you ask excitedly.

"To New Yawk City!" Cathy says dramatically, flinging her hand up.

You laugh a little nervously, hoping you really will find him there. "When do we leave?"


Luckily, the town in Connecticut you live in isn't very far from New York City, so once school is over you're there in just a matter of three hours.

You look up at the skyline of the city as Cathy drives through the street and sigh. You hope you find Loki.

Luckily, Cathy's cousin Travis has an apartment here in NYC, so you are both going to stay with him so you don't have to spend a lot of money on a hotel room.

You both drop your stuff off at Travis's place and head to Central Park. You both decided to start in the middle and try to work your way out.

After a few hours of looking at the park, you groan.

"How the heck are we going to find Loki Freaking Lauyferson in the middle of New York City? Let's just go," you say grouchily.

Cathy tugs your arm. "Aww, come on, you can't give up on your soulmate just yet."

You turn to look at her.

"Why would a Norse deity have any interest in me?" you argue, "I'm just a cowardly mortal- a mewling quim."

Cathy gives you a pouting look.

You groan again. "Fine," you say, "but only because it's the weekend."

She gives a squeal of excitement and pulls you along to some place.

Lost in thought, you don't pay attention to where she's dragging you. Somewhere along the way, she drops your hand and you end up in the thick of a crowd.


With no Cathy in sight.

You groan and think, I'm just going to get a taxi and head back to Travis's apartment and text her where I am in a bit.

You turn and walk for a bit until you bump into someone.

"Excuse me," you say, looking up.

It's a tall, thin man with longish dark hair and a dark suit. He looks familiar to you. He scowls at you for a moment, then you realize who it is.

"Out of my wa—"he begins, but you cut in quickly.

"Look!" You raise your hand and pull down the sleeve of your hoodie to show him your mark.

His eyes widen at the symbol on your wrist and his eyes flick towards his own wrist. He pulls at the sleeve of his blazer and the dress shirt underneath, revealing the symbol on it that is just like yours. The same entwined serpents.

His expression softens.

"So we're soulmates," Loki says gently. "What is your name?"

You tell him your name, your tongue stumbling over the words. You're so nervous.

"That is a beautiful name," he tells you, gently placing your hands in his.

You can't help but gaze up at him wordlessly.

You are finally with your soulmate.

Loki Lauyferson...

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