"So this is your beautiful house?" I says with a look so shocked

"It is, and maybe we can share it one day" Gabe say pulling me towards him starting to kiss my neck

"Gabe, if your going to give me hickeys put them in spots Seth cant see" I say pushing him away

"What did you say?" He says wanting to know

"That I met a boy named Luke" I say

"Luke? Thats a stupid name" He says laughing 

"Whatever, I have to go I will see you later" I say kissing him and leaving

Its to bad I have to leave, but I have to find a fake boyfriend named Luke. I even told Gabe about it he wasnt happy of course but he got over it. And if he wants to still continue seeing me then I have to do this.


"Hello, Luke" He says as he gives me a handshake

"Riley" I say as we sit down at a table in Starbucks

"Cute name" He says looking into my eyes with his blue eyes that remind me of an ocean

"Thank you" I say admiring his jet black hair, his perfect blue eyes, and of course his perfect face structure

Knock it off.

"Welcome, so what do you want to know?" He says smiling with these striaight white teeth

"Are you actually single?" I ask oddly hoping he was

"Yes, I am" He says smiling more "What about you?" He ask with those blue eyes

He is so intimidating 

"No, actually. Thats why my brother hates him. And thats where you come in" I say feeling kind of bad about this

"I see, your not the first. I find this kind of fun. I meet new people. My last fake girlfriend had a twin sister" He says stopping the story and laughing

I laugh as well

"You seem really cool" I say smiling

"I am, so here is my information. Give me a call or text whenever you need me" He says getting up and waiting for me

We walk out to the parking lot and he unlocks his black and red mustang GT

"Wow" I say admiring his car

"Right shes amazing" He says looking at the car

"Haha I bet" I say as he gets in a drives away

I honestly didnt want him to leave..

Oh my god. Riley STOP...


 "Babe you're acting a bit off today" Gabe says to me as we were cuddling on the coach watching movies

"I am sorry" I say thinking about how cute Luke was.

No seriously stop Riley. You have this beautiful life with this amazing boyfriend next to you and you're thinking about another guy.

"Who is he?" Gabe yells jumping up

"What? Who?" I say in shock leaning up on the coach

"The guy in the mask" Gabe says pointing at the TV at the movie we were watching

"Oh" I say in relief 

"Wow, what a lame ending" Gabe says leaning back on the coach

"Yeah" I say not really even watching the movie

"I know what would make a better ending for the night" Gabe says starting to kiss my neck and putting his hand in my shirt

"Not tonight. Im sorry" I say moving his hand and back him away

"Ok. What is wrong?" Gabe says leaning back 

"Nothing, I have to go" I say signaling my phone as if Seth texted me to come home

"Alright, Ill see you later love" Gabe says trying to give me a kiss but I rush out before he could

As I drive away I text Luke to meet me for dinner

Hey meet me at Olive Garden in 20 :) -Riley



Lol what did ya think of Luke?

Stay Beautiful xoxo

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