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Requested: 'the salad here is really good!' - 'Do I look like a f*cking rabbit?'

"Come on, Alex, we need to get going!" I whined. Alex looked back at me and smirked as I threw a tantrum. "You baby~" he teased. I fell on my back and looked at him through my legs. "You're a bigger baby." I hissed jokingly and stuck out my tongue. Alex smiled and got up from his desk. "Fine, Peaches. What do we're you planning, Future Hamilton?" He asked. "Well, I heard about this really nice cafe that just opened up down on the corner! The salad there is really good, at least, that's what I heard!" I hummed.

Alex gave me the most disgusted look as he walked over. "Do I look like a f*cking rabbit?" He asked me. I sighed and pulled him out of the apartment. "Alex it isn't bad to eat a salad." I groaned. "But am I a rabbit to you? Peaches." He asked as I pushed him into an empty elevator. As soon as the door closed, Alex pinned me to the wall of the elevator.

"Alexander Hamilton, I'm not saying that you're a rabbit. But you're acting like a b*tch right now. Let me go." I hissed. Alex just smirked and kissed my cheek.

"If I'm gonna eat a salad-"

"I didn't tell you to eat a salad."

"-then never mind, do you think they have steak?"

"...I don't know?! It just opened, you dork!"


"Your nerd~"

"And your dork~"

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