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(I don't know much about him or any of the other members other than B.I, Junhoe, Bobby, and Jinhwan so I'm sorry if this and other ones of the other members are bad, I tried 😅 and this one might be a little sad, if you cry easy have a box of tissues)

It was time for iKON's new album to come out and everyone was excited. You and the members and some staff where all celebrating in your apartment since it was the only place free and big enough for everyone. While people where drinking and just having a grand time you couldn't help but notice your childhood friend and iKON member Donghyuk sitting alone on one of the chairs in the corner with a distraught expression on his face. You furrowed your eyebrows not liking the fact that he was so down in the dumps on such a happy event. 

"Hey what's wrong?" You asked as you walked over to him putting a hand on his shoulder. "I was on the phone with my mom today to tell her the good news about our new comeback..." He started but then paused. "Ok but isn't that a good thing? Why are you so down?" You asked again trying to get him to tell you. He sighed. "It's just, every year I always get to my mom and sisters happy and proud expressions when I tell them about our comebacks, they tell me how happy I make them, but..." He paused again. "You wish you could see it from your dad too..." You said finally getting what he was getting at. He nodded and sighed again. "Look I'm sure he's proud of you, I bet he's looking down with a smile at how proud and happy you make him." You said smiling at your best friend as you rubbed his back. "Thank you (Y/n)." He smiled looking at you. "Come on let's go have some fun, I'll come with you tomorrow and we can tell him all about how hard you worked and how great this year is going to be!" You said happily as you took his hand and and started walking to where every one else was.

He stopped halfway, his hand still holding your and made you turn to face him. "(Y/n), I don't know what I would do without you, you are seriously the besets friend anyone could ask for." He said smiling at you, you two shared a moment of just standing there and smiling at each other until you finally broke it. "Dance with me." "With pleasure." And the two of you danced and had fun the rest of the night. 

I know this is short, and kind of sad, but it's also cute and sweet, and I had this idea and I just had to write it, I hope you guys like it! ☺️

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