Chapter 29

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"Lo! This place is fancy, like seriously. I dont feel right here. Everyone is so dressed up and look beautiful and I, I dont" Camila sighed as she look around the restaurant they were at.

"Camz, you are perfectly fine, would you like to know why?" Lauren asked as she held Camilas hands and stared into her eyes.

"Why?" Camila mumbled as she looked around again, she was definitely sure she shouldn't be here.

"Because out of every in this room, and even in this world, you are by far, the beautifulest woman to ever live" Lauren stated as she gently kissed Camila who blushed at Laurens words.

She cooed, "awww Lolo, youre the sweetest... But I still don't feel so good here" she spoke with a scrunched up face.

Lauren thought hard about how to make this night a successful date night, she smiled once an idea came to mind. She grabbed Camilas hand and led her out of the restaurant quite quickly and walking down a couple of streets with her.

"Lo, where are we going?" Camila asked, trying to keep up to pace with Laurens speed walking.

Lauren came to an abrupt stop and turned to Camila "To get some great food babe".

"Where?" Camila asked curiously.

Lauren smiled and walked around the corner of a building and smiled when she saw a taco truck, "here".

"Fuck yes" Camila spoke in delight as the two girls walked to get their food.

With the tacos they purchased in their hands, the two girls looked for a place to sit.

"Come here" Lauren spoke when both girls couldn't find any seats available for them to sit on.

Camila walked to where Lauren stood and watched as Lauren made her way as she sat on the floor, she saw Lauren pat her lap indicating that she wanted Camila to sit on her lap with her. Smiling she done as Lauren wanted.

The two girls sat and watched their surroundings as they ate their tacos. Camila sighed in bliss, this is what she liked, nothing to fancy, just some fine food and a damn fine woman, who luckily for Camila, was her fiancee.

Lauren placed a kiss on the side of Camilas neck, which caused the younger girl to squirm, "eww, you've got taco breath" she pouted.

"Eww, so do you" Lauren hit back playfully, sporting a scrunched up face.

"Ugh" Camila played acting disgusted. "You're such a loser"

"And you, are a weirdo" Lauren hit back.

"I'd rather be a weirdo than a loser"

"Of course the weirdo would say that" Lauren replied to Camila with a small smile on her face.

The girls both broke down in laughter before sharing a kiss. Which didnt last that long as they were disturbed by hollering.

Lauren was just about to argue with whoever it was because let's face it, all they were doing was kissing, so she swung her heard to where the hollering came from and saw no one other than Miss Dinah Jane.

"Ayyyy, you lil horny esses, what you doing here?" She asked as she joined them, sitting on the floor.

"We're having tacos" Camila stated, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"This is why you're my best friend" Dinah spoke with admiration of the girl.

"So Dinah, what are you doing here?" Lauren asked.

"Getting some mo-frikkin tacos" she sung.

Just then Normani appeared with tacos for her and Dinah, she joined the three of the already sitting.

"Babe, these bishes stole our spot!" Dinah spoke a ting disgusted, Normani played along and gave them her famous stank face.

"So, you come here often?" Lauren asked.

"Once a week" Normani replied, before Dinah cut in.

"Cause its Taco Tuesdaaaaay" she spoke as she started dancing as she remained seated on the floor.

"Babe, we should get something like that" Camila spoke to Lauren.

"Like what though" Lauren asked.

"Yeah like what? And you can't steal Taco Tuesday because that just goes to show how bad Camren wants to be like Norminah" Dinah teased.

"Like, ern.... Falafel friday! Or salmon Saturday! Or- WAIT! NOT SALMON, NEVER SALMON!"Camila spoke casually before freaking out over salmon, remembering the time she tried it before and nearly vomited with how bad it tasted.

Normani, Lauren and Dinah all broke down in laughter as Camila shuddered, still thinking about salmon.

"So, what's with this?" Normani asked as she pointed to the fancy clothing that Lauren and Camila were wearing.

"Well we llanned to go to a fancy restaurant and when we got there, we decided tacos were a much better choice" Lauren explained.

"Smart choice Lauser" Dinah praised. "So who's got Emiren tonight?"

"Ally" Camila answered as they watched Dinah and Normanis reaction.

"So Saint Ally gets first babysitting with Emiren? I'm Emirens favorite aunty I'll have you know" Dinah spoke.

"Dinah... We've seen you babysit your siblings... We worry about our child's safety with you" Lauren joked.

"Rude ess, well when Norminah have kids... They're gonna have Ally as their favorite aunt!" Dinah teased.

"Okay, so seeing as you two are here... I think its only right you take part in what has become our tradition" Normani spoke, as she shared a smile at Dinah.

"Sex" Dinah whispered quietly, but Lauren and Camila heard loud and clear.

"The fuck?!" Lauren exclaimed as Camila froze in her spot.

Normani and Dinah broke out in laughter as they stood up, "she's messing with you, come with us".
Camila and Lauren both stood up, weary about what they were going to do.

The four girls bwalked into a corner shop and saw Normani rush over and get some alcohol. Dinah explained, "We get drunk on some fancy shit".

"I like this lil tradition you have" Lauren spoke as Normani handed Lauren a bottle of wine.

"So you two can share that one, and we'll share this one" Normani explained as they all sat back down and started taking turns drinking from the bottle.

When both bottles were empty, the girls sat in silence, until the drunk talk came out.

"All I'm saying is that if I had a license to kill, Trump would be out of here. BADABOOM! GONE! ADIOS MOTHER FUCKER!"
"But, what if they arent my real parents? What if I am actually a Knowles? I mean, were both bootylicious, so it would make sense. Right?"
"I think... We should, wait, what did I say? Yeah that"
"Y'all are drunk ass messes, let's go back to my place seeing as you all can't handle the alcohol"

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