20| what best friends are for

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"COULD you kindly not tear our room apart? Thanks." Yoongi's voice broke the comfortable silence between the two. Taehyung frowned, scratching the back on his head.

"Sorry, I just can't find my phone."

"It's probably on the floor." Yoongi sighed, returning to his textbooks. He had a pencil held loosely in his hand, trying to remember what the pythagorean theorem is.

Taehyung shook his head, "No I checked, I think I left it at the diner."

"Oh, you going to go get it?"

"No I was going to leave it there." Taehyung muttered sarcastically. He sighed and grabbed his keys, "I'll be back."

"Don't get mugged." Yoongi said, "And you better pray it's still there, it's been like five hours."

"I'll try not to, and okay." Taehyung smiled, exiting the dorm. He pulled his jacket around him and set off down the stairs. The chilly night air hit him like a freight train and he mentally slapped himself for not bringing a thicker jacket.

The walk to the diner was fine, peaceful really. He trudged along, slowly getting use to how cold it was. The stars were out, which managed to put a small smile on his face. It wasn't everyday you got to see the stars in the city. He let out a breath of relief when he could see the red and blue neon lights of the diner. Picking up his pace, he reached the building in a steady jog, slowing down to a stop when he entered. He scanned the building before his attention got pulled away by a waitress.

"Hello, sir." She chirped, much too cheerfully for it being nearly midnight, "Just you?"

"Uh, Im not looking to eat." He said softly, "I was here early— have you seen a phone here, it's a white iPhone with an anime case on it?"

"I'll ask one of the other waitresses, my shift just started so I haven't been here for long." She grinned, "One moment please."

Taehyung watched as she sauntered off behind a half wall towards the back of the diner. He bit his lip and went back to scanning the diner. The neon lights sent a nice red and blue glow over the establishment. There were the usual red and white booths across the walls and red stools placed at the bar towards the back. His eyes went over the few customers who were here. They were mostly farmers and truckers who came in late for an early breakfast. Finally, Taehyung's gaze came to a stop on booth in the back corner.

It was the same boy in the black hoodie. Jimin now had textbooks strung across the table, his phone charging next to him, a cup of coffee in his small hands. Taehyung blinked and found himself walking towards him cautiously.

"Jimin?" Taehyung asked.

Jimin jumped, his hands coming to clutch his heart. He bit his lip and looked up from his textbooks, "J-Jesus, you sc-scared me!"

"Sorry," Taehyung frowned, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I-I'm studying." Jimin said tentatively.

"No, I mean what the he'll are you still doing here?" Taehyung sat down across from him, "It's nearly midnight. It's been five hours since you came here."

Jimin's eyebrows furrowed together, "Uh, I just, its nothing—"

"Don't even try lying to me, I'm still mad."

Jimin sighed, "Jungkook's on a d-date with Ha-Hani and he's b-bringing her back to our p-place."

"He asked you to stay here the whole night?" Taehyung asked, voice laced in disbelief.

"N-No!" Jimin shook his head. He looked down, "He a-asked me to st-stay with y-you, but you're mad a-at me, s-so I came h-here."

There was a moment of silence before Taehyung hit him on the head, "You idiot!"


"Pack your stuff."

"Why?" Jimin frowned, watching as Taehyung began gathering loose pencils and highlighters.

"You're coming over."


"Shut up." Taehyung cut him off, "I'm not letting you stay here in a cold diner all night. What kind of best friend would I be if I did that?"

"So y-you're not mad anymore?"

"Of course I'm mad." Taehyung frowned, "But it's okay, because what are best friends without a fight?"

Jimin smiled a little bit. He finished packing his things, taking the writing utensils from Taehyung. The stood up after everything had been collected. The waitress came back with Taehyung's phone, which he took and thanked her loudly.

"Besides," Taehyung said, slinging an arm around Jimin's shoulders, "I've missed you."

Jimin grinned, "I missed y-you too, and I'm s-sorry."

"Well, I'm sorry for threatening to bash your face in." Taehyung chuckled. They left the restaurant, Taehyung practically dragging Jimin the whole way home, talking excitedly about how much Jimin was going to love his roommate.

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