Challenge #5: Random

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So, this one we had the challenge of a ranting vampire.  And being quite a stickler for old school vamps when they were feared and the villains, I guess I couldn't resist creating a vampire who is not benefitting at all from the modern day romantic bloodsucker. ^^

All The Damn Vampires

As a vampire, I live in the shadows. I lurk in the corners, unseen in the darkness.

Which is so not my fucking choice and I wouldn't have to do that bullshit if it wasn't for these go- fuck, I literally can't say that word – horseshit books!

They're everywhere. Like, right now I'm looking in a shop window and one of the latest trash books is out. Large posters in the background. About twenty-four copies with that pouty model staring right at me. It was bad enough when they first came out and had those emo pictures on the front. Now with the fucking movie, all I see is Mr Forehead. Perfect pale features. Eyebrows furrowed. There are about ten different authors right now who all have vampire series published. Thanks a lot, you bored housewives! Now everyone can identify a vampire these days.

A feminine voice screams behind me. "Oh my God!"

Fuck, I wish it was the bloodcurdling scream from the good ol' days. No. This is... this is a fangirl scream.

I whimper.

Footsteps sprint my way.

"You stay away from me!" I cry out.

"You're one of them!"

Time to flee.  Again.

(Words: 196)

A/N: Credit to the most amazing vampire film around, The Lost Boys, for the title name. 

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